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2014 Recommendations for Checkups

It is extremely important for babies and toddlers to receive well child check ups multiple times a year, totaling a minimum of 11 visits within the first two years of life. Following your child’s second birthday, you can then reduce the number of well child check ups to once per year. During these visits, pediatricians in Phoenix AZ will check such things as height, weight and blood pressure, and also offer prevention and wellness services and tips.

In the year 2014, well child check ups by top pediatricians in Phoenix have evolved to include some very important new screenings. To ensure that your child has a good bill of health, schedule an appointment with your local pediatrician in Phoenix AZ for a checkup, and consider the added screening recommendations, which include the following:

  • Newborns. Newborn babies between 24 and 48 hours old should receive a pulse oximetry screening to check for heart defects. The non-invasive screening does require the expertise of a qualified medical professional, such as a nurse or physician, but it is a rather simple procedure, requiring only that an oxygen probe be placed on the arms and legs.
  • Toddlers. For toddlers between the age of 15 and 30 months old, providers of infant care in Phoenix are recommending screenings for iron deficiency risk. Iron deficiency is the most common nutritional deficiency in the nation, and can have a major effect on a number of areas throughout the body.
  • Children. Beginning at the age of 11, annual well child check ups should now include screenings for depression. Too often, children with depression go undiagnosed as their behavior is attributed to normal emotions that come with growth. In addition to depression screenings, it is also recommended that children between the ages of 9 and 11 begin annual cholesterol screenings at their well child checkups. This screening will help pediatricians in Phoenix AZ to discover any cardiovascular risk factors and provide preventative care when necessary.

To best protect the health of your children, schedule a checkup with your local pediatrician in Phoenix AZ, and consider the above new screening recommendations.

At Pediatrix, one of the top pediatricians in Phoenix, we take pride in providing the best medical care to ensure that children are healthy through each stage of life. Our physicians and medical staff are very experienced in medical care as it pertains to children, and strive to stay current on screenings, treatments and procedures. To schedule an appointment for a checkup or other service with one of our friendly, experienced pediatricians in Phoenix AZ, call Pediatrix at (602) 866-0550 or contact us online.

Posted in Blog on May 9th, 2014