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5 Back-to-School Kids’ Immune Boosting Tips that Really Work

You love it when your kids are healthy and happy. As a parent you will want to do everything in your power to keep your kids healthy. You probably find yourself asking what can you do to help prevent them from getting every germ and virus that is floating around out there.

Children are all different. Some kids never seem to pick up anything, while others are prone to every little cold and sore throat that passes by. Sometimes it seems little ones suffer through the colder months with one problem after another. Sinus or ear infections, colds, strep, even the flu can really put a damper on their plans and yours.

In addition to that, you hate seeing your kids feeling sick. It’s bad for them and puts the stress on you as a parent. But, there are ways to help boost their immune systems. Here are 5 tips that really work:

Vitamin C to the Rescue

Children who take 1000 mg of Vitamin C daily have less colds. You want to look for “buffered ascorbic acid” 250 – 500 mg. At every meal, give your kids one of these vitamins. Vitamin C is one of the best immune boosters around, and safe for your kids at every age. This is one of the best cold remedies for kids.

Give Zinc Daily

Zinc is the other terrific immune-boosting mineral. When you give your kids a daily dose of zinc, after 5 months of daily use, they will be less likely to pick up viral infections, colds, and other illnesses. This reduces their time away from school and other activities. Taking zinc will also reduce the amount of antibiotics your kids will need. Small fry like the orange liquid, while older kids love the lozenges.

Watch Their Diet

There are a number of foods that can be eliminated like sugar, and artificial juices. Healthy snacks for toddlers are all that should be provided. Have your kids drink lots of water daily. Daily servings of leafy greens and green vegetables will help to boost their immune system.

Use a Saline Spray

This gentle, non-addictive spray gently cleanses the nasal passages and keeps them moisturized.

Good Habits are Everything

Check your immunization schedule for children, ensure they have a proper bedtime, and have them wash their hands frequently. Good hygiene goes a long way to helping them keep illnesses away.

Posted in Blog on June 7th, 2016