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A Guide to School Shots

School shots, or immunizations, are required in Arizona, so North Phoenix pediatrics clinics are well prepared to provide school immunization services to patients. There are many school immunization shots required by the state, so it’s a good idea to consult with your North Phoenix pediatrics clinic to find out exactly what your child needs in terms of school shots.

Age and Health

School immunization requirements depend on the age and grade of each student in Arizona.

A DTaP dose is required at every level, from under age 7, ages 7 to 10, and age 11 and older. A meningococcal school immunization is required for students age 11 and up. Some school shots are set up with a dose requirement – for example, polio school shots are required in the form of three to four doses from age 7 up. MMR, hepatitis B, and varicella are also requirements for K-12 school shots.

What Your Child Needs for School

You will need to provide proof of school shots to your child’s school, and the school immunization record has to have all of the required information including the date of the school shots and the name of your North Phoenix pediatrics clinic or doctor.

School immunizations may also be required for students attending college or university, based on the policies of each school.

Start Young

You may think school shots only apply to K-12 students or those pursuing higher education, but school shots are also a must-have for Arizona children in daycare. School immunizations applying to daycare children include hepatitis B, DTaP, polio, HiB, MMR, and varicella.

Information is Available

While it may seem confusing to have to know what school shots are required when, and what school immunization information you must have to prove your child’s eligibility, your North Phoenix pediatrics clinic can help you sort out the information. Most North Phoenix pediatrics clinics are able to keep school immunization records on file so you will be able to access your child’s personal records if you need to. North Phoenix pediatrics experts can also give you a good schedule for school shots, which will meet school immunization requirements and keep your child safe from common childhood illnesses.

School immunization is an important aspect of keeping all students safe and healthy. Talk to your North Phoenix pediatrics clinic about what steps you may need to take in order to properly immunize your child for school in Arizona.

Posted in Blog on February 27th, 2015