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Alternative Vaccine Schedules Affect Routine Checkups

Parents concerned about vaccine dosages sometimes opt for alternative schedules. They know vaccines are beneficial, but are alternative vaccination schedules better for kids?

A recent study explores how vaccine refusal (including requests for alternate schedules) affects the doctor-patient relationship. Trust is difficult to measure, but the effect of trust on quality of care cannot be underestimated. Doctors who trust their patients are more satisfied with their jobs, and patients who trust their doctors are more likely to report symptoms and other crucial information. They’re more likely to ask questions and receive quality answers.

Unfortunately, a number of celebrities and charlatans have undermined the relationship of trust between pediatricians and parents. Parents have a right to know what ingredients are used in vaccines, and doctors would readily give them all the information about risks and benefits even if we weren’t legally required to do so. The problem arises when parents don’t trust that information.

20% of pediatricians fire patients who refuse to administer vaccines on the standard, evidence-based schedule. Pediatricians have to protect the health of all their patients, and unvaccinated children pose a serious risk to very young infants and children who are unable to receive vaccines.

Yet even pediatricians who accept alternative vaccine schedules and/or vaccine refusal face obstacles to providing care. The study found that parents who choose alternative vaccine schedules are less likely to bring their children in for routine care. Routine visits cover more than just vaccines. At a routine pediatrician appointment, your child receives preventative screenings and you receive information about your child’s overall health and developmental stages.

Please feel free to bring any concerns about vaccines to your pediatrician. Ultimately, as the parent, you want to make the best health choices for your child. We understand that, and we hope you trust us to guide you when it comes to medical decisions.

Posted in Blog on November 1st, 2017