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Are Support Groups for Parents with Sick Children Helpful?

Caring for sick children is a huge responsibility. Parents and other caregivers can often wind up stressed out, burned out, and overwhelmed during the course of caring for sick children. If this happens, North Phoenix pediatricians may recommend that caregivers attend support groups for parents with sick children.

A Common Understanding

Support groups put parents in touch with others who are caring for sick children. Together, parents and caregivers can share their own stories of caring for sick children, swap coping methods and resources, and feel like they are not alone in the struggle. While North Phoenix pediatricians and other medical providers understand a lot about caring for sick children, nobody can understand the unique issues that come with parenting sick children like fellow parents can.

Sharing these experiences of caring for sick children helps reduce stress for everyone involved. Feeling helpless is often a large aspect of caring for sick children, and simply knowing that others hear you and can empathize with what you are going through lifts some of the burden.

Practical Benefits

Being able to share information like pain management, treatment side effects, medications being used for treatment, and resources regarding healthcare providers like North Phoenix pediatricians are also helpful parts of being in a support group. Other parents of sick children may have tips and tricks that will ease your worries and concerns.

Where to Find a Group

If you are looking for a support group, your North Phoenix pediatricians may be able to recommend a certain group or multiple groups in which fellow patients are involved. Some support groups for parents caring for sick children are facilitated by therapists or social workers, while others are peer-led. The type of support group you choose depends on your own comfort level with groups, and what type of environment you prefer. The most important part of selecting a support group for parents caring for sick children, is knowing that you will feel safe to share your story and seek help within the group.

The people you meet in support groups for parents caring for sick children can end up becoming some of your best friends, confidants, and cheerleaders. If you are having a hard time coping with your situation, or just need a boost, ask your North Phoenix pediatricians for a support group recommendation, and know that you are not alone in caring for sick children.

Posted in Blog on January 23rd, 2015