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Back to School Breakfast Tips

During the morning rush, it can be easy to forget the most important meal of the day. However, breakfast is a really important part of your daily routine.

Eating Breakfast Improves Academic Performance

Research shows that eating breakfast every day improves test scores. It also improves behavior and mood, leading to fewer disciplinary problems and better focus. Eating breakfast helps trigger the body’s metabolism, which helps to prevent obesity. Children who eat breakfast daily have stronger immune systems, helping them ward off illness and miss fewer days of school.

Back to School Breakfast Tips

  • Choose foods containing fiber, protein, and whole grains. Don’t forget the calcium. You can prepare cereal or oatmeal with milk, or serve yogurt to the milk-averse.
  • Plan ahead by prepping what you can the night before.
  • Avoid sugary cereals and pastries. Fresh or dried fruit, yogurt, and nut butters can add sweetness to breakfast.
  • If your child isn’t hungry in the morning. take a short walk or get them moving to wake up their metabolism. You could also try having them drink water before eating.
  • As with any healthy habit, it’s important to set an example. Make sure you eat a healthy breakfast, too.
  • If you run out of time in the morning, streamline your routine to make time for breakfast. Lay out clothes the night before, and make sure your child’s backpack is packed and ready.

Assistance for Low-Income Families

If your family needs nutritional assistance, you are not alone. One in four Arizona children suffers from food insecurity. For help meeting your child’s nutritional needs, you can:

Posted in Blog on August 23rd, 2017