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Benefits of Outdoor Activities

Outdoor activity has lots to offer, helping healthy kids stay that way and encouraging valuable quality time for every member of your family. North Phoenix pediatrics professionals regularly see the benefits of outdoor activity for promoting healthy kids and healthy families. Rather than spending time inside, head outdoors and see what positive changes take place!

When healthy kids head outside they are bound to be physically active. It’s hard to sit still when you’re in the great outdoors. Even kids with physical disabilities may have more options for moving around outside, and for those whose physical disabilities restrict movement, just being in the fresh air and sunshine has positive effects. Getting outside helps healthy kids burn off their energy, leading to better sleep and an overall calming effect, something most parents are happy to see.

Social Benefits

North Phoenix pediatrics professionals have also seen social benefits for healthy kids who head outdoors. Playing outside opens children up to a bigger social circle, allowing them to meet friends and make connections with other healthy kids. Team sports and outdoor activity groups can help foster these social benefits, and there are some groups specific to children with physical disabilities. The social benefits can also extend to family members, as spending time outside together lets parents, kids, and other family members enjoy one another’s company without distractions like televisions and cell phones.

A Relationship with Nature

One of the best benefits of outdoor activities is the lifelong connection with nature that can develop. If you bring your children outside and encourage physical activity from an early age, your healthy kids will develop into healthy adults with an appreciation for all of the benefits of being outside. Helping kids see the benefits of outdoor activities at a young age makes it easier to send your kids outside on a regular basis as they grow older, because they will already know how much fun playing in the sun and fresh air can be.

If you have questions bout the benefits of outdoor activities in developing healthy kids, or are wondering how to find outdoor activities that suit your child with physical disabilities, talk to your North Phoenix pediatrics clinic for advice. There are outdoor activities that work well for any type of family, and your North Phoenix pediatrics professionals are sure to have some great suggestions for your particular situation.

Posted in Blog on June 16th, 2015