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Benefits of Well Child Checks

Why take your child to a Phoenix pediatrics professional if he or she is not ill? There are many benefits to well child check ups, which keep your child and your Phoenix pediatrics clinic working together in partnership to keep your whole family healthy. Before your child becomes ill, well child check ups offer preventative care, which may save you from going through the stress and trauma of an illness in the first place.

Well child check ups are scheduled at regular intervals, giving your Phoenix pediatrics team the chance to talk to you about your child’s health. At each appointment, Phoenix pediatrics practitioners discuss child development, check in on things like weight and height, and can answer any questions you may have about subjects like illness, allergies, or school immunizations.

For some well child check ups, your Phoenix pediatrics clinic may be able to combine medical needs like school immunizations or prescription refills with your appointment. This saves your family time, allowing you to visit the Phoenix pediatrics clinic one time for multiple needs. For medical issues that are not emergencies, well child check ups are an efficient use of time.

If you have questions about health topics that affect your family, like school immunizations, your Phoenix pediatrics clinic can give you information during well child check ups. This allows you to have researched, professional information from a source you trust.

In the event that your child does become ill, a history of regular well child check ups help your Phoenix pediatrics clinic have a proper medical history enabling doctors and other health care practitioners to make informed choices for your child. Instead of being a completely new patient, a child who regularly attends well child check ups at a Phoenix pediatrics clinic is an established client, with a medical record indicating past illnesses, family history, and other important details that could affect care. Having continuity with medical professionals helps catch illness quickly and saves time in treatment and care, so your child can recover as quickly as possible.

For many families, well child check ups offer the best opportunities to speak with Phoenix pediatrics practitioners, and have questions, comments, and concerns addressed on a regular basis. It also keeps children feeling comfortable with medical care and the Phoenix pediatrics staff you visit. Healthy families benefit greatly from well child check ups!

Posted in Blog on June 23rd, 2015