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Best Places for a Sports Physical

So your child wants to play on a sports team for their school. Good for them! But, before that can happen, they do have to do one little, but very important thing. They need to get a sports physical.

Schools offer lots of different sports programs; football, basketball, baseball, track, wrestling, soccer and more. Inevitably, there is always the risk of injury with whatever sport they decide to play in. Because of this, their school needs to know that they are physically fit to play. The way that happens is through comprehensive physicals for school sports.

Where to get a sports physical in Phoenix, AZ?

Well, you do have options. They might include:

  • Your own pediatrician. Phoenix pediatric specialists are highly qualified to have you come in and have your sports physical.
  • Getting a physical for sports can also be performed by physician’s assistants, or nurse practitioner’s. If you are familiar with these professionals, and feel comfortable, then they also can be a good alternative.
  • There are small clinics, often found within drugstores that may offer physicals for school sports but these places aren’t necessarily where you should head when your child needs a sports physical.
  • Occasionally, schools in your area may offer sports physicals, too. Health care providers are there to give your children a physical exam.

Physicals for school sports should be done six to eight weeks before the sports season commences. This way there is time to address any health issues that may become apparent from the physical exam, and time for a follow-up exam, as well.

Not all places are equal when it comes to where to get a sports physical in Phoenix, AZ. You want to make sure your child’s physical is done by your Phoenix pediatric specialist. After all, they have your child’s health history on hand, and are very familiar with who your child is and what, if any, illnesses or injuries may prevent your child from participating in school sports.

Your child’s safety is everything to you. Most likely they will skip through their physical with flying colors and all will be well. If there is an issue, be glad that it’s been identified and can be dealt with accordingly. As a parent, you will know that your child is safe to play his or her sport of choice to his or her heart’s content!

Posted in Blog on July 14th, 2015