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Breastfeeding Myths VS Facts

“Don’t eat spicy food!” your grandmother may have screamed at you as you prepared to feed your newborn. Those who are older always seem wiser, so you may have asked yourself: “Will spicy food…make my milk spicy?” When you’ve just had a baby, you don’t have the time and energy to peruse through books and figure out what’s a myth and what’s a fact. There are a lot of myths out there about breastfeeding. This will help you dispel them.
Myth: The Baby Should Just Suck on the Bud
Fact: The reason women sometimes find breastfeeding painful is because they’re just putting the
bud of their nipple in the baby’s mouth. When breastfeeding, you need to put most of your areola
in as well.
Myth: Breastfeeding While Sick Passes Down Germs
Fact: As long as it’s nothing serious, being sick won’t affect breastfeeding.
Myth: Bigger is Always Better
Fact: The size of your breast tissue does not correlate with the amount of milk. Bigger breasts
don’t have more milk.
Myth: Plastic Breasts Can’t Feed
Fact: Silicone implants are inserted near the underarm, under the breast tissue, or under the chest
muscle. It shouldn’t affect breastfeeding unless your nipple was augmented. In that case, the
milk let down may be impaired.
Myth: Once You Breastfeed, You Can’t Bottle Feed
Fact: Babies may have a difficult time switching back and forth at the beginning, but there isn’t
anything harmful about using both methods.
Myth: Breastfeeding Causes Sagging
Fact: Pregnancy is what changes the appearance of breasts. The weight your breasts gain while
you’re pregnant adds stress on the ligaments.
Myth: Formula and Breastfeeding are Exactly the Same
Fact: Nope. Breast milk has 30 beneficial ingredients while breast milk has 300, including anti-bodies, anti-
Myth: Every Mother Can Easily Breast Feed
Fact: Breastfeeding can be incredibly difficult for women whose babies have a difficult time
latching onto the nipple. Using formula doesn’t make them bad moms.
Myth: Breastfeeding is a Guaranteed Birth Control
Fact: Breastfeeding is 98% effective as birth control. That’s only true if the baby isn’t drinking anything
but your milk, is 6 months old or younger, and you haven’t gotten your period.
Myth: You Can’t Breastfeed with Inverted Nipples
Fact: You can, the baby just might have a harder time latching on.
Question: Can I Eat Spicy Food and Breastfeed?
Answer: Yes. Go wild. Have a hot wing on us.
Motherhood should be beautiful, not frustrating. If you’re having difficulty breastfeeding, you’re
not alone. Request an appointment with Pediatrix and we’ll guide you through the process.

Posted in Baby Care, Blog on March 25th, 2018