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Common Misconceptions About Immunizations

School immunization is a regular part of childhood, helping prevent sick kids from getting sicker and stopping children from developing childhood diseases and illnesses in the first place. Phoenix pediatrics clinics encourage all parents who can immunize their children to do so, and school immunization is required for daycares and K-12 schools in Arizona.

Even though school immunization is a regular part of life, there are many misconceptions that make parents afraid to schedule their children for school immunization. Sick kids are something everyone should want to prevent, so Phoenix pediatrics experts work hard to make sure parents and caretakers have a solid, informed understanding of school immunization.

Who Get Sick?

Some people think that school immunization leads to sick kids, which could not be further from the truth. The idea that school immunization leads to autism or other health concerns has been refuted by the scientific community again and again, from many different sources. School immunization will not lead to sick kids, and in fact is the ideal way to keep your children in the best health possible.

Is This Necessary?

You may think that school immunization is not necessary for your kids, because the other kids are vaccinated. Phoenix pediatrics clinics aim to vaccinate everyone who can be vaccinated, however, because there are some sick kids who simply cannot receive vaccinations. These sick kids are at risk of developing an illness because their health concerns make them ineligible for school immunization. In order to protect both your child, and kids who cannot be vaccinated, you should schedule your family for school immunization appointments.

Opting Out

Some people think that school immunization is optional, or easy to opt out of. Phoenix pediatrics experts will tell you that opting out of school immunization can only happen for health or religious reasons, and requires lots of paperwork and documentation for proof. Unless there is a very good, well documented reason your child is ineligible for school immunization, you should expect to have the responsibility to keep up to date with school shots.


Many people think that school immunization against more rare or obscure illness and disease is pointless, but in fact, the reason you don’t see more sick kids who suffer from these health concerns is due to vaccines. If Phoenix pediatrics experts stopped vaccinating against these illnesses, they would return. In fact, the US is seeing the return of previously eradicated illnesses like the measles due to parents not vaccinating their kids.

Posted in Blog on March 31st, 2015