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Common Misconceptions about School Shots

As a parent, it’s important to have a full understanding of school immunizations if you have a student in school or are planning to enroll your child in school any time soon. Phoenix pediatrics experts can give you great advice on school immunization and what is required for your child – simply ask your Phoenix pediatrics professionals at well child check ups or other appointments. Still, even with the help of Phoenix pediatrics clinics, parents have questions and misconceptions about school immunization.

Myth: School Immunization Is Not Required

In fact, in Arizona, school immunization is required. There are ways to get exemptions, but most of these rely on religious or personal beliefs that do not apply to the majority of the student population. If your child can be vaccinated, he or she should be – school immunization keeps everyone safe and helps keep students who cannot receive school immunizations for medical reasons in good health.

Myth: School Immunization is Complicated and Time-Consuming

Some parents have the misconception that following up with school immunization rules and regulations is hard. Phoenix pediatrics clinics have a very good handle on what school immunization schedules and regulations apply to their patients, and can help you adhere to those rules. Well child check ups offer great opportunities for students to receive their vaccinations while already visiting their Phoenix pediatrics clinic, saving everyone time and effort.

Myth: School Immunization Introduces Illnesses to My Child

School immunization shots will not get your child sick. Phoenix pediatrics clinics have been safely and routinely providing school immunization shots for a long time. Vaccinations should not and typically do not cause health problems. You can discuss any concerns about particular school immunization shots with your Phoenix pediatrics experts, and most Phoenix pediatrics clinics will give parents information about each individual school immunization during the vaccination appointment or well child check ups.

Myth: My Child Can Keep Going to School Without School Immunization Shots

If your child is not up-to-date with school immunization requirements, he or she can be removed from school until you have visited a Phoenix pediatrics clinic to bring your child’s vaccinations up to the required standards. This means lost time and added expense for you, as well as letting your child fall behind on schoolwork. Make sure your well child check ups are scheduled regularly to avoid this.

Posted in Blog on March 3rd, 2015