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Feed the Flu and Other Treatment Options for Kids

Fall and winter may seem like such fun months for children. They love getting outdoors to play in the snow with sleds and snowmen and everything else that goes with it. It isn’t so much fun when they get colds or the flu.

Colds and flu are very common in the colder months, and chances are your child will come down with one or both before warmer weather starts setting in. As a parent, you may be wondering what treatment options are available to you when your child is sick with the flu.

Flu symptoms in children are much like those in adults. There is usually the sudden onset of a fever and chills, followed by a general all-over achiness, headache, stuffy nose, dry cough, and extreme tiredness. Your child doesn’t look right and you want to do all you can to make them as comfortable as possible.

Here are some treatment options for kids when they have the flu:

  • Ensure they get lots of rest. Initially, they may feel too sick to do anything else anyway, but keep them in bed, where they can best fight off the infection.
  • For sore throats, have them gargle with warm salt water. It’s an old remedy, but a very effective one. Don’t drink the water, have them spit it out.
  • Give your kids lots of fluids to drink. Again, they may not want much of anything; when they do make sure it’s 100% juice, herbal tea, children’s juice or clear soups.
  • If they are throwing up, there are home remedies for vomiting. If they’ve been going through a bout of vomiting, don’t give them any solid foods for a while. Keep them drinking, but in small amounts. Keep them lying on their stomach or side if possible.  If your child looks very listless or has a high fever, call your North Phoenix pediatrics office and let them know.
  • Only use medications such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen. Never give your children aspirin.
  • Soft foods are best. Puddings and clear soups will do for when they are sick.
  • Use nasal drops or saline spray to moisturize their nasal passages.

The flu will eventually weaken and your child will be up and playing before you know it. Until then, ensure they are comfortable and warm until they are feeling better once again.

Posted in Blog on October 27th, 2015