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Flu Season 2017-2018 Is Here

It’s that time of year again: time to get inoculated against the flu. Influenza infects a portion of the population each year, and getting vaccinated is the best way to not only protect your family, but to protect vulnerable members of our population. Even if you and your kids are blessed with stellar immune systems, making sure you don’t catch the flu means you don’t pass it on to infants, pregnant women, the elderly, the chronically ill, and others for whom influenza is a truly dire condition.

The exciting thing about influenza is it’s a little different every year. Mother Nature gives us new and improved viruses, complete with symptoms you’re sure to hate. So, we give you a new and improved vaccine researched and designed to immunize you from influenza’s charms.

Another important reason to get vaccinated: there’s no cure for viral influenza. If you get it, we can’t prescribe anything but rest and fluids. Most people recover after a few days to a couple weeks. Some develop complications such as pneumonia or ear infections.

It’s important to understand that when we recommend treatments, we feel based on our expert opinion that the benefits outweigh the risks. You might be wondering, is the flu vaccine safe?

  • Pregnant woman may safely receive the flu vaccine, and definitely should get it in order to protect the developing fetus.
  • Children six months and older can safely receive a form of the vaccine. Another form is available for children five years and older.
  • Everyone, but especially smaller children who require two doses of the vaccine, should get the first dose as soon as possible because it takes time for antibodies to develop.

Your pediatrician can answer your questions about this year’s flu vaccine. He or she will explain the likely side effects and alert you to any reactions you should watch out for. You will also receive an informational printout at your appointment.

Posted in Blog on September 28th, 2017