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Fun and Engaging Outdoor Activities for Any Age

A lifestyle that promotes healthy kids involves outdoor activities, not just for children but for the whole family. Phoenix pediatrics professionals know just how important outdoor activities are for promoting healthy kids and healthy families. Counter childhood boredom and inactivity by bringing the whole family outside for fun and engaging time spent together.

Healthy kids belong to healthy families, meaning time outdoors should be a regular part of your family’s lifestyle. If your kids see the adults in the family enjoying fresh air and physical activity, they will be more likely to jump in and play, too.

Sports and Games

Try going back to the basics, with a family game of tag, touch football, or soccer. This will get everyone running around, letting your healthy kids burn off energy while using their muscles and getting cardiovascular exercise. This is great for the grownups, too! If you need a more structured playtime, try a scavenger hunt, birdwatching, or joining a family sport league.


Visiting a new outdoor location is a good way to get your healthy kids excited about heading outside. Beaches, parks, zoos and playgrounds all have something to offer from low-impact activities like walking and sightseeing to more exhilarating adventures, and everyone from the youngest child to the oldest adult is sure to have a good time.

Even with Disabilities

If your child or another family member has physical disabilities, you can still enjoy outdoor activities that promote healthy kids and families, but you may have to make a few adjustments. If you are visiting a park or other outdoor play area, scout the location ahead of time to make sure it is accessible for people with physical disabilities. If you find yourself stuck for ideas for outdoor activities for kids with physical disabilities, your Phoenix pediatrics care provider may be able to make recommendations for outdoor activities that are compatible with your child’s specific physical disabilities.

Phoenix pediatrics providers encourage outdoor activity of any type, so long as you follow health and safety guidelines. Make sure your whole family is protected from weather, including sun and wind, and pack water and healthy snacks to keep everyone hydrated and well-fed. A simple first aid kit may help if minor injuries are incurred outdoors – ask your Phoenix pediatrics provider what he or she recommends to bring along in a portable first aid kit.

Posted in Blog on June 9th, 2015