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Halloween Safety Tips

When you have kids, you want Halloween to be spooky, but not scary. Here are some safety tips to keep your children and kids in your neighborhood safe and healthy:

Before trick-or-treating:

  • Choose costumes that fit well. Adjust hems so children won’t trip, and opt for headwear that doesn’t reduce the child’s ability to see.
  • If you’re handing out candy, clear your front walkway and porch, and make sure it’s well lit.
  • Test make-up, hair dyes, and face paint for allergic reactions in advance.
  • Feed your children a healthy, hearty meal so they’ll be less inclined to binge on sweets.
  • Secure your pets so they can’t get to the door. The stream of visitors will likely drive them nuts, so keep them and the children safe by separating them from the action.

When trick or treating:

  • Practice pedestrian safety. Drivers should take special care to watch for trick-or-treaters. Do your part by making kids visible with reflective materials, glowsticks, and flashlights.
  • Only visit well-lit houses.
  • Always accompany children, even if (especially if!) they are trick-or-treating in a group.

After trick-or-treating

  • Do a quick candy check. While contamination or deliberate tampering is extremely rare, it’s better to be safe than sorry.
  • Sort candy and remove items your children are allergic to. Consider donating candy they don’t like.
  • Set a good example by moderating your own candy intake.
  • Come up with and stick with a plan for regulating the amount of candy your kids can eat. Every family is different, so here are some ideas to come up with a winning approach. [link to other blog you assigned]

For more tips, check out this video from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Posted in Blog on October 24th, 2017