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How To Feed Your Picky Eater Nutritious Foods

Eating nutritious food is incredibly important for staying healthy, but try explaining that to children who only want to eat what’s tasty! Here are some tips to get your children on a nutritious diet:

  1. Lead by Example

Become a good role model for your children by making healthy foods a part of your own diet. Your kids won’t take you seriously if you bring healthy foods for them but stick to greasy, ultra-processed fatty foods for your own consumption.

  1. Disguise the Taste

Some healthy foods just taste bad, but that doesn’t mean they’re uneatable. You can disguise the taste and texture of many food items by slipping them into a sneaky recipe.

  1. Keep Healthy Food Around the House

You can greatly increase the chances of getting your kids hooked on healthy foods by keeping them in easy reach. Make sure to have bowls of fruit ready at the kitchen table so family members can grab one each on their way to school, work etc.

  1. Shop in the Healthy Foods Section

Get your kids involved in the process of picking out food for your home. Bring them to the supermarket and be sure to steer them towards the healthy foods section. There may be certain food items that your kids want to buy that are good for them. You can buy those foods for them and encourage their healthy eating habit.

  1. Create Frozen Treats

You can create popsicles and other frozen treats out of pineapple chunks, bananas, grapes and berries. Simply cut the fruits and blend them with some water and a little sugar, then place the concoction in an ice-cube tray with spoons or sticks as handles.

  1. Prepare meals together

If kids have fun and take pride in preparing a meal, they are more likely to approach the food with a positive attitude.

  1. Creative plating

Kids seem to love dinosaur chicken nuggets. Apply the same principle to healthy food. If you’re not feeling artistic, it’s perfectly fine to use ideas you find online.

Posted in Blog on January 27th, 2017