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How To Find The Right Caregiver For Your Sick Child

As all Phoenix pediatricians know, having a sick child to care for can be stressful in multiple ways. Not only are you worried about their health and treatment outcomes, but parents often quickly run through their own sick leave from work to care for their child. If the child is too sick to either return to school or to a daycare facility, you have to consider child care for sick children. This kind of Phoenix infant care is unique in its requirements, and will differ from one family to another.

Infant Care is Unique

If your sick child is an infant, you’ll need someone specially trained in Phoenix in infant care. Infants, particularly sick infants, can’t tell us what they need or how they are feeling, so it is essential to have a Phoenix infant care giver who has been trained to look for signs of distress, and who can read vitals to make sure a child is in a stable condition. Luckily, there are many wonderful, competent infant care options in the Phoenix area. Your Phoenix pediatrics provider can help you to determine exactly what you need in a caregiver for your sick child.

Child Care For Older Sick Children

Care for older children who are ill is a bit easier to find, depending on what the child’s condition is. If the illness is not chronic, a friend or neighbor may be able to fill in temporarily as child care for sick children. Family members are usually the first go-to and can be the best, most comfortable choice. Older children can at least communicate their needs and comfort level, which makes caring for them easier. Talk to your Phoenix pediatrics provider about when your child needs to stay home.

Whether you’re looking for care for an infant or child care for school age sick children, make sure that you check references and feel completely comfortable with your care giver.

Ultimately, finding the right caregiver for your sick child comes down to intuition. You have to intuitively trust that you are leaving your child in good hands, whether that caregiver is a family member, neighbor, or trained professional. Make sure whoever provides care is trained to deal with an emergency, and has the number to your child’s Phoenix pediatrics provider.

Posted in Blog on November 14th, 2014