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How to Prepare Your Child for a Healthy Summer Camp Experience

Summer camp can be the adventure of a lifetime for healthy kids, but if your child gets sick at camp, or is not feeling well before he or she sets out, it can become a summer that is not fun at all. Making sure that your child is in the best health possible will help make his or her summer camp experience one to remember.

Get a Check-up and Physical

It’s important to consider your child’s health before he or she leaves for camp.  Visit your pediatricians in Phoenix, Arizona for a physical prior to camp starting, if you can, and make sure that vaccinations and any needed medications are up to date.

If your child has a specific health concern that could affect camp, like allergies or asthma, make sure the camp is aware of this, and let your pediatrics care provider know that your child is heading to camp. This allows the camp to make accommodations for your child, if needed, and gives your pediatricians in Phoenix, Arizona the chance to raise any issues or concerns with you before your child has left for camp. In some cases, your child may require special clearance from his or her pediatrics care provider in order to attend camp.

Eat, Drink, and Sleep Healthy

Healthy kids are happy kids, especially at camp, so make sure your camper-to-be knows about healthy eating, hydration, and good sleep habits before he or she leaves. Camp staff will of course help out in this regard, but your child should have a good understanding of how to stay active and eat and sleep well, even without a helping hand.

Know Who to Talk To

Find out what rules and regulations the camp has for health and safety, and let your child know any important information. Who should he or she talk to in the event of a minor injury? Is there first aid and pediatrics care on-site? Even healthy kids can have anxiety about what happens if they get sick or hurt at camp, so look for the right details to make them feel prepared.

Healthy kids may also have some trepidation or fears about camp, no matter how excited they may be. Talk to your child about homesickness and what to do if it strikes. This subject can also be addressed by pediatricians in Phoenix, Arizona at an appointment before camp.

Posted in Blog on May 5th, 2015