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How to Stay Up to Date on Immunizations

Children of all ages need vaccines and should be up-to-date on all of them. It’s easy enough when they’re babies, and you take them in for routine checkups that include those initial immunizations. As your kids grow older it may get more confusing as to which vaccines need boosters and when immunizations are needed again.

At Pediatrix, we have you covered. As soon as your children start their doctors visits, we create an immunization schedule for children, and each one is readily accessible to you. You’ll receive your own schedule for each of your children that should be kept with all your other important papers.

Should I Vaccinate My Child?

Occasionally, a parent will wonder: should I vaccinate my child? The easy answer to that is definitely yes! No child should be without lifesaving immunizations; because as a parent, this is one of the most important things you can do for your kids.

What You Need to Know as a Parent about Vaccinations

Schools do require immunizations for enrollment, and most sports do as well. You can always check on the Pediatrix website for routine immunizations, as well as links to CDC information and more.

Believe it or not, disease outbreaks still occur in the U.S. When your kids are immunized there is no worry. Measles and whooping cough have made comebacks in various regions of the country, and you want to know that your kids are immune from these deadly illnesses.

That’s where an immunization record tells you everything you need to know. A detailed routine schedule is available for viewing at Pediatrix, and you will have access to your child’s immunization record, too. It’s as easy as filling out a form and receiving the information in your email.

As your children grow, some vaccines will be added as booster shots and others will be included for sports reasons. Also know that if you travel out of the country, immunizations will be required at that time as well.

If you’re thinking of scheduling a child doctor visit in the North Valley, be sure to ask about staying up to date on your children’s immunization schedules. Getting every recommended dose of each vaccine provides children with the best protection possible. Even if they miss a shot, they can be easily brought back on schedule. Just mention it to your pediatrician when you have your next child doctor visit in the North Valley.

So, if you have any questions about immunizations, be sure to contact us today for peace of mind tomorrow.

Posted in Blog on May 24th, 2016