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Is Full Fat Milk Healthier?

North Phoenix pediatricians, along with the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Heart Association, have long held the belief that the healthiest milk choice for children two years and older is skim or low-fat, such as 1%. Pediatricians in Glendale AZ and other areas recommend such milk choices for patients as higher fat milk has more calories from saturated fat, which may contribute to weight gain in individuals. New studies, however, are challenging these beliefs.

Dr. Willet of the Harvard School of Public Health and Dr. David Ludwig of the Obesity Prevention Center at Boston Children’s Hospital conducted a study on low-fat versus high-fat milk, and found the following conclusions:

  • Children across every ethnicity and socioeconomic class that drank skim or 1% milk were actually heavier on average than children that drank 2% and whole.
  • Diets filled with low-fat foods, such as skim and 1% milk, may actually leave kids feeling hungrier. As such, they tend to reach for high glycemic food to fill their stomachs, which contributes to obesity and heart-disease risk factors.
  • The widely accepted recommendation of three servings of milk a day by North Phoenix pediatricians and other members of the medical community is healthy; however, it is better to choose higher fat milk, such as 2% or whole.

While high fat milk does have more saturated fat, it may actually be healthier for children according to the above study. Before swapping out the milk in your refrigerator though, make sure to consult with pediatricians in Glendale AZ and the surrounding area.

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Posted in Blog on June 27th, 2014