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Looking for a New Pediatrician? Tips for How to Pick One

Most parents choose a “child doctor”, or pediatrician, for the care of their young children. Pediatricians have specialized training in the health and specific illnesses of youngsters from birth to older teens.

There are many reasons why you may be searching for a new pediatrician. This may be your first child, or you may be a newcomer to your city and state. You may have questions about early childhood development and care, or maybe you need a physical so your child can participate in school sports.

Below are some tips to help you to decide how to choose a pediatrician in Happy Valley.


These are usually the most successful way to find a new pediatrician. If you have a family doctor now, ask him/her for a referral to the area you are going to. They may be able help you there.

Also, ask co-workers or neighbors, and of course, your child’s school, for the best recommendations for pediatricians. People will never recommend anyone they are not happy with.  Make a list of all the pediatricians names you’ve been given, and get ready for some online research.

Do a little research.

On your own, it’s a good idea to research each pediatrician you’re interested in. Go to their website, and look at each member of the staff. See where they went to medical school, what types of specialties they are trained in, and what certifications they hold.

ALL physicians in practice will be “board-certified.” Be sure you see that, too. Look for referrals on their websites as well; real people will tell you all you need to know about the quality of a new doctor you are considering.

You will want to find a pediatrician in Happy Valley that offers office hours that are convenient for your schedule, and has offices not too far away from the places you drive to regularly: home, school, and work.

How qualified are they in early child development and care?

Pediatricians train exclusively to deal with all medical issues and problems in babies and young children. This differs very much from issues you find in adults and senior citizens.

You want to hear good things about how a new doctor interacts with young children. Little ones are often afraid of doctor visits, but a good pediatrician will help them to get over their fear with some expert psychology. Not all pediatricians are the same.

What kinds of services do they offer?

Make sure your new pediatrician offers you a full range of child medicine and services. Aside from immunization schedules, do they offer physicals for school sports and answer questions about common questions all parents have?

Posted in Blog on September 1st, 2015