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Public Splash Pad Safety Tips

Splash pads are popping up all over the country, and there’s a particular appeal in Arizona. These water playgrounds are usually free to the public, located in parks or outdoor shopping malls. Kids exercise and play with other children¬†—¬†a rare and welcome sight when oppressive heat tends to keep us indoors.

Are Splash Pads Safe?

As with any other activity you share with your kids, knowing the risks can help you minimize them. That way, you can enjoy the benefits instead. Here are some tips for having a safe and fun time at splash pads.

Before You Go to a Splash Park

  • Ask the facility manager how often they test the water, and what methods are used to filter and decontaminate it.
  • Research locations online. If an outbreak has occurred in the past, you will likely find information about it and about how the company responded, if at all.
  • Talk to other parents and ask about their experiences.

At the Splash Pad

  • Use watertight swim diapers. If you suspect your child has a dirty diaper, change it.
  • If your child is potty training, explain why you use the restroom before playing in the water.
  • Use swim shoes to prevent slipping, stepping on sharp objects or burning feet on hot pavement.
  • Enforce the “no running” rule.
  • Do not allow your kids to drink the water.
  • Don’t let your kids put their backsides against water jets.
  • Watch for signs of exhaustion or dehydration, and for unsafe behavior.
  • Take breaks to use the restroom and hydrate.
  • Don’t forget sun protection!

Posted in Blog on May 11th, 2017