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Reasons your kids should stay away from soda

Soda is served nearly everywhere, and when it comes to kids, they never seem to get enough of it. There are good reasons to moderate their intake (and yours!), even when they are teenagers.

Weakens bones

Kids bones are delicate as they are still developing. Phosphorus found in soda depletes calcium required for bone formation. Caffeine, also found in soda, inhibits calcium absorption and reduces bone density.

Contributes to obesity

Soda contains a lot of sugars and artificial sweeteners that promote child obesity.

Causes addiction

Caffeine is highly addictive. Its effect in children is even more significant due to their smaller body weight.

Destroys teeth

Soda contains acids that dissolve tooth enamel, in addition to sugar that causes plaque.

Contributes to diabetes

Daily soda consumption has been linked to diabetes and other blood sugar disorders.

Kills neurons

Aspartame, found in diet soda, is an endocrine disrupter and brain toxin Citric acid may contain MSG, a brain toxin.

Lacks nutritional value

Most sodas contains empty calories which provide no value to the kids’ bodies. Instead, it suppresses the kids appetite making them shy away from healthy foods that provide the nutrients needed for physical and mental growth and development.

Inhibits digestion

The caffeine and sugar found in soda may lead to dehydration and increased levels of acidity in the stomach. This unbalances the proper conditions required for normal digestion.

Water is the healthiest choice, but you might try nutritious juices, flavored waters or seltzers as alternatives.

Posted in Blog on October 14th, 2016