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Starving A Cold – Try These Remedies for Kids Instead

Maybe you’ve heard of the old saying, ‘starve a cold, feed a fever’ or sometimes people say it the other way around. It’s an old saying, and it doesn’t particularly help you or your child when you’re sick with a cold. So leave it aside for some real remedies instead.

You certainly don’t like it one bit when your child is miserable with a cold. Even though they are something everyone gets, it’s tough to watch them suffer.

There are so many over-the-counter cold medicines for children, that they may leave you feeling a bit confused. You don’t know how safe they may be for very young children, and the thought of giving your child lots of medication just doesn’t sit right with you.

Here are some cold remedies for kids that pediatricians in Phoenix, Arizona recommend:

  • Make sure your kids stay hydrated. Have them drink what they’re accustomed to drinking, but make sure they have lots of it.
  • For a fever, give them acetaminophen. Follow the recommended dosages on the label, and if your child is under 7 months, then call pediatricians in Phoenix, Arizona just to be sure.
  • For older children, you can soothe sore throats with a half teaspoon of honey. For ages 6 and older, use 1 teaspoon. For children under the age of one, never give honey.
  • Stick with soft foods instead of trying to force the usual foods they eat. Things like ice cream, chicken soup, puddings, and gelatin desserts go down a lot easier than breaded chicken nuggets.
  • For nasal congestion, use saline drops or spray. These can be used for infants, too. Because babies and children breathe through their noses, it can be distressing to them when they are all stuffed up. Give them the relief you can.
  • Use a cool-mist vaporizer in their bedrooms. This will put moisture in the air and help them to breathe easier.
  • Remember, if something doesn’t seem right, to call your pediatrician right away.

These are the best health tips for kids when they come down with colds. Children will experience many colds over a season and a lifetime.

Practice a little preventive medicine before a cold strikes. Make sure your children get plenty of rest, eat healthy foods, and practice good hand washing, as these will ensure that even when they get sick, it won’t be so bad.

Posted in Blog on November 17th, 2015