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The Benefits of On Call Pediatric Care

An Excellent Pediatrician is Always Available

Because we can’t plan when our children are going to get sick or hurt, families should seek pediatricians available after office hours during the week and on weekends and holidays. This on-call service needs to be provided to all patients to assist with medical issues that may arise during these times. It is a custom that most incoming calls with routine questions are handled by our triage nurses. They are responsible for assessing your needs, giving appropriate clinical options, and facilitating referral and unanswered questions.

Test Results are Available, Even After Hours

If you have questions about a prescription, it is important to call during office hours when the doctor has access to your child’s medical record. However, pediatricians know how important test results in particular are for you. Look for a pediatric facility available during daytime and after hours in case of emergencies. Your Phoenix children’s doctor should be able to call you from the laboratory the day results are available, even if it’s after hours.

Where to Find Child and Infant Care in Phoenix

At Pediatrix, we have open extended hours to meet the needs of working parents. All visits to Pediatrix at Black Canyon, Phoenix, AZ are by appointment only. If you can’t keep your appointment, please call us to allow us to accommodate other patients. Newborn care is special and generally takes longer than other occasions. Please make your appointment for a well baby visit 30 days in advance so that we can allocate the time and provide all the information you need about your child. Request an appointment today.


Posted in Blog on August 20th, 2018