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The difference between a healthy fever and a dangerous one

All fevers are not bad fevers; in fact, a normal temperature for your baby is 97.1 to 100 Fahrenheit. A fever is an indicator that something is wrong, your child is coming down with a bug, is teething or something serious is taking place. As a concerned parent, you need to know what to look for if you suspect your child has a high fever.

First, take your child’s temperature. Remember, depending on where you take your child’s temperature, you may get different readings. For example, a rectal temperature is one degree higher than a temperature you would take under your child’s armpit, which is one degree lower.

If your child has a fever of 101 and higher, you should be concerned. A child can have a high fever, and experience a mild illness. In some cases, a child with a serious illness, may exhibit a slight fever, or no fever at all.

Signs to Look Out For With a Fever

  • A newborn or any infant with a fever 101 or higher
  • Any infant with a high fever, lasting more than two days is cause for concern. This is dangerously high, and most likely an infection.
  • A fever associated with whimpering, irritability, painful urination, trouble breathing, confusion, seizures, stiff neck, or difficulty waking up is cause for concern.
  • Any fever that lingers and refuses to go away, even after administering medication or sponging with lukewarm water.

A dangerously high fever can cause convulsions, which are short lived and usually non-life-threatening.

Posted in Blog on August 25th, 2016