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The Ultimate Guide to Sports Physicals

If you are the parent or guardian of a student athlete you have probably encountered school sports physicals. Some kids may grumble about them but they are an important and often necessary way to keep your child safe and healthy while participating in school sports.

Health History

Pediatricians in Phoenix, Arizona perform school sports physicals for students by completing a medical history and physical exam. These two components of school sports physicals, put together, give Phoenix pediatrics experts a well-rounded idea of the health of your child, and any risks that he or she may face as part of athletic activity.

Pediatricians in Phoenix, Arizona will find out what health issues, if any, may affect your child during athletics. This includes a family history of illness, health conditions that may affect physical activity such as asthma, prior sports injuries, and any medications currently being taken by your child. School sports physicals, done by Phoenix pediatrics clinics, aim to highlight any potential problems before they cause harm.

Physical Examination

The physical examination part of school sports physicals is exactly what it sounds like – pediatricians in Phoenix, Arizona test and record basic medical and health-related data like weight, blood pressure, vision, strength, and the function of body parts like the heart and lungs. Doing this allows Phoenix pediatrics experts to uncover malfunctions or potential dangers, or simply verify that your child is perfectly healthy.

Preventative Protections

It’s always preferable to find out that your child has a health problem in the office of a pediatrician in Phoenix, Arizona than on a sports field or court, after exerting his or herself to the point of a more serious issue. School sports physicals let you, your child, your pediatrician in Phoenix, Arizona, and school staff members determine what sports are safe for your child and what restrictions, if any, should be followed during physical activity.

For most students, school sports physicals are simply a way of staying safe, and will not have any effect on his or her athletic endeavors. Others may have to adjust their sporting lives due to the results of school sports physicals, but nearly every student can find a way to be healthy, active, and involved in student athletics without concerns. Talk to your pediatrician in Phoenix, Arizona about school sports physicals, if your child needs one, and how it may affect his or her extracurricular or sports activities.

Posted in Blog on March 17th, 2015