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Top Reasons Why it is Vital to Keep Your Child’s Shots Up to Date

Finding out that your child’s school immunization shots are out of date is not a good surprise. This shortcoming in school immunization shots poses a major risk to your child’s health and the health of other children, and can cause other problems, too.

Follow the Schedule

Many school immunization shots are given on a staggered schedule, meaning that Glendale pediatricians must provide several rounds of the school immunization shot in order for it to be effective. If your child has received one round of the school immunization you may be under the mistaken impression that he or she is protected from illness – but that is not the case. Keeping your child’s shots up to date with the help of Glendale pediatricians and properly scheduled well child check ups is the only way to ensure that he or she receives every school immunization within a series, providing full immunization.

Held Back Because of Shots?

You may not find out that your child’s school immunization shots are out of date until it is too late. Glendale pediatricians have many stories of parents who scramble for well child check ups after finding out from a school, summer camp, or other organization that their child is not eligible for entry because his or her school immunization record is incomplete. People take vaccinations very seriously, so as to not put anyone needlessly at risk, and if you do not ensure your child has accurate, adequate school immunization, he or she will likely be turned away from school and extracurricular activities requiring medical records.

Losing time at school, athletics, or other hobbies can be discouraging and costly to your child’s overall wellbeing.

Travel Safety

Inadequate school immunization may even throw you for a loop if you plan to travel. Many countries require full vaccinations for children to travel, so if you fall behind on school immunizations you may find yourself canceling a vacation with very little notice.

Luckily, it is easy for parents to stay on top of school immunization requirements. Work with your Glendale pediatricians to schedule regular well child check ups that include vaccinations. Even if your child appears healthy, he or she still needs protection against diseases, so do not stop scheduling well child check ups, even if you have an older child. Even high school students and college and university students must follow school immunization rules.

Posted in Blog on March 10th, 2015