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Top Summer Safety Tips

School is out, the sun is shining – summer is fantastic for kids! Healthy kids should be able to fully enjoy everything summer has to offer, while staying safe. Phoenix pediatrics practitioners see many children in their offices for pediatrics care over the summer, for issues that could have been prevented by following safety tips. Keep your kids healthy, skip the emergency pediatrics care, and chase away the summer time blues by keeping these guidelines in mind.

Sun Safety for Healthy Kids

Sunburn can turn a great summer day into something far less fun. Healthy kids should be able to enjoy the warm weather, and exposure to sunshine can be great for vitamins and mood-boosting properties, but Phoenix pediatrics professionals caution parents to use sunscreen products and minimize time spent out in direct sunlight, especially at the hottest times of the day.

Most weather services will give you the UV index for the day, letting you know if it could be particularly challenging to keep healthy kids safe from sunburn. On days when the UV index is very high, make sure your kids have lots of access to shade and hydration, and take breaks out of the sun to avoid burns and heatstroke. A high SPF sunscreen or sunblock is the best choice for skin protection.

Even if the UV index is low, or it is cloudy outside, healthy kids need sunscreen and hats to protect them from harmful rays. If you are planning a water adventure, look for water resistant sun products. These are never completely waterproof, so make sure you reapply frequently.

Watch Out for Summer Dangers

Phoenix pediatrics clinics see otherwise healthy kids requiring pediatrics care during summer due to a variety of hazards. Water, for instance, can be treacherous to children, so make sure your kids are well supervised around any lakes, pools, or other open water.

Summer athletics are a great way to encourage healthy kids to keep moving, but can lead to sports injuries. If your child has a summer sport, that’s great, but be sure to encourage good form, lots of stretching, and hydration during physical activity.

Healthy kids may also slip into bad eating habits during the carefree summer months, but kids can’t live on ice cream alone! Fresh fruit can be refreshing on a hot day, and healthy, too. Provide balanced options for kids. And always make sure you’re drinking plenty of fluids on hot summer days.

Posted in Blog on May 26th, 2015