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Water Safety Tips to Keep Your Children Safe

Water play can be a ton of fun for children, especially on hot Arizona days. But North Phoenix pediatrics professionals are careful to remind parents that when children are in or near water, parents should take extra safety precautions. Nobody wants a fun water day to turn into a tragedy, especially those involved in pediatrics care.

Teach Your Children How to Swim

Any child who will be exposed to water should know how to swim and know their limits. North Phoenix pediatrics experts encourage parents and guardians to give their children the skills and confidence needed to swim. This may involve swimming lessons, whether formal or informal.

Use Flotation Aids for Younger Kids

Floating devices can help younger kids or those with physical disabilities stay safe, but pediatrics care practitioners caution parents not to rely on these devices as life-saving aids or in lieu of proper supervision. Floatation aids can help a tired kid stay afloat longer, but can also get a kid out into deeper water than he or she would have been able to get to alone.

Learn Lifesaving Techniques

You do not need to be a lifeguard, but you should know what to do if something goes awry in the water. Have a plan for what you will do if you encounter water danger — this will help calm heads prevail in the case of an emergency, because you won’t waste time wondering what steps to take.

Always Keep Watch Around Water

Do not let your children out of your sight around water, even for a moment, say North Phoenix pediatrics experts. A lot can happen in a matter of seconds, with tragic consequences. If your children are in or near water they should be well supervised by a capable, responsible adult.

Take Extra Precautions for Children With Physical Disabilities

Physical disabilities can make it harder for children to swim, so parents should take extra precautions, according to North Phoenix pediatrics experts. If your child has physical disabilities, you may need to invest in special equipment, and/or always join your child in the water as a support person. Talk to your pediatrics care provider about how your child can safely swim.

Kids should have fun in the water, but parents must ensure their safety. Ask your pediatrics care provider how you can ensure water safety.

Posted in Blog on April 21st, 2015