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What Determines the Time Between Infant Wellness Checks?

Well child check ups are a routine part of your child’s health care in the early months and years of childhood. The scheduling for infant care by Phoenix clinics may be confusing for parents, however – how do you know when to bring your child in for well child check ups?

Top pediatricians in Phoenix often follow the guidelines set out by the American Academy of Pediatrics. They recommend nine well child check ups within their first three years.

The First Year

During the first year, your pediatrician in Phoenix, AZ will likely schedule several well child check ups. Clinics specializing in infant care in Phoenix will see your child after birth, possibly at two weeks, then at one month, two months, four months, six months, nine months, and 12 months.

The Second Year

Once your child is a year old, you may see your pediatrician in Phoenix, AZ less often – at least, for scheduled visits. Well child check ups occur at 15 months, 18 months, and 24 months in the second year. After that, children should be seen for a well child check up once a year. Your doctor can advise you on which schedule your clinic prefers to follow and help arrange appointments.

Each of these appointments is important to ensure that your child’s development is on track.

What Will Happen at an Infant Wellness Check?

Your pediatrician in Phoenix, AZ will check your child’s weight and length or height in order to ensure that he or she is keeping up a steady growth rate. The size of your child’s head is also important for tracking growth and it will be measured during well child check ups as well.

This is also a great time to check in with any infant care questions you have. Who better to ask about sleep, eating, development and cognitive skills than top pediatricians in Phoenix? Your pediatrician in Phoenix, AZ sees a lot of children and may have some tips and tricks you can use to connect with your child and manage any problems you may be experiencing.

Infant wellness checks feel like they come up frequently, but there is a reason for every check. You may not need to follow the timing exactly – a seven month appointment could take the place of a six month appointment – but it is always a good idea to talk to your pediatrician in Phoenix, AZ about what he or she recommends for your child.

Posted in Blog on February 6th, 2015