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What is the Procedure Involved in Boy Scout Camp Physicals?

Boy Scout camps promise a great time for kids. Before the fun begins, however, there are some required health and safety measures.

Boy Scout camp physicals are a required part of summer or winter camping, or events longer than 72 hours. For AZ camp physicals, parents should contact a Happy Valley pediatrician to conduct their Boy Scout camp physicals.

The Boy Scouts ask for these AZ camp physicals to promote health awareness and give medical professionals required information in the event that a patient needs treatment for illness or injury. This ensures a higher level of safety for all campers and staff.

Different AZ camp physicals are required for high adventure trips. Your child’s troop leaders should be able to indicate what Boy Scout camp physicals are needed for each event. Once you have the necessary forms, visit a Happy Valley pediatrician to complete the process.

Parents must sign an Informed Consent, Release Agreement, and Authorization statement, which also gives space to indicate any participant restrictions they desire. For youth participants, parents must designate an adult who can transport their Scout to and from events.

A general information and health history form is next, which asks if Scouts have had a history of conditions like diabetes, hypertension, heart issues, stroke, asthma, respiratory issues, seizures, and other medical concerns. This part of the form also covers allergies and adverse reactions to medications. There is space for a list of immunizations to be filled out, as well as any other pertinent health information.

The actual pre-participation physical is done by a Happy Valley pediatrician, for AZ camp physicals. The Happy Valley pediatrician is asked to certify that there is no contraindication preventing the Scout from attending camp.

Once this Boy Scout camp physical is completed and approved, it is valid for a year after it was administered by the Happy Valley pediatrician, so your Scout will not need another Boy Scout camp physical during the next 12 months.

The information collected in a Boy Scout camp physical is kept as confidential and private as possible. Forms are kept in a safe location and if your Scout’s conditions change or he leaves the troop, the AZ camp physical information will be destroyed or returned to you.

Completing a Boy Scout camp physical is the first step toward a lot of safe, healthy fun!

Posted in Blog on January 30th, 2015