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What to Expect During a Sports Physical Appointment

School sports physicals have become a routine part of student athletics, so if your child is involved with school sports or extracurricular activities that require athletic exertion, you will likely be making appointments for school sports physicals with North Phoenix pediatrics experts on a regular basis. The idea of school sports physicals can be mystifying for parents who have not booked this type of evaluation with their North Phoenix pediatrics clinic in the past, but the process is quite straight forward.

Two Main Functions

Most school sports physicals conducted in Phoenix pediatrics clinics involve two parts, a verbal taking of your child’s medical and physical history, and a physical evaluation. The medical record part of school sports physicals is designed so that Phoenix pediatrics clinicians can properly understand and evaluate your child’s potential medical risks based on past experiences and issues.

Your North Phoenix pediatrics practitioner will find out about your child’s family history, particularly any diseases or hereditary heath issues that could impact physical performance and wellbeing. A predisposition to asthma, for instance, can pose problems for student athletes involved in high-energy sports. Your Phoenix pediatrics clinic will also make note of past injuries, any allergies, and similar concerns that could affect your child’s athletic abilities.

The next part of school sports physicals is the actual physical examination, which gives North Phoenix pediatrics practitioners a full understanding of your child’s physical wellbeing. Phoenix pediatrics professionals focus on the health of bodily functions and systems, including blood pressure, heart rate, vision, lungs, and other things affected by the demands of sports.

Put together in school sports physicals, these examinations enable North phoenix pediatrics clinics to deem your child fit to participate in student athletics, or can point to health problems that should be addressed if your child wants to be involved in sports. Phoenix pediatrics professionals may prescribe certain medications, conduct further evaluations, or suggest adjustments such as a lower impact sport, or modifications to certain moves and exercises.

Ultimately, the goal of school sports physicals is to ensure that your child is safe and protected from medical maladies while participating in student athletics. Getting the expertise and advice of a North Phoenix pediatrics professional is the best way to know that students are fully capable of playing sports, without taking any unnecessary health and safety risks as a result.

Posted in Blog on March 24th, 2015