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What to Expect from your Child’s Well Child Check Ups

Well child check ups should be a regular part of medical care for healthy kids and their families. Visiting your Glendale pediatricians routinely keep your healthy kids healthy, and gives you an opportunity to check in with Glendale pediatricians about any questions or issues you may have about illness, injury, or other medical issues. Preventative care saves you time and money and promotes healthy kids and families – there are many benefits to well child check ups!

A Schedule Based on Age

Well child check ups are set up on an age-based schedule that works with the typical development of a child. You are more likely to see your Glendale pediatricians for well child check ups during the early months and years of your child’s life, as infants have more well child check ups than older kids. As your child ages, well child check ups are spaced further apart, so otherwise healthy kids may not see their Glendale pediatricians as often as they once had. If you have questions or problems between scheduled well child check ups, call your Glendale pediatricians and set up an extra appointment.

Comparing Progress

At well child check ups, Glendale pediatricians check to make sure healthy kids are on the right track. Your Glendale pediatricians will ask questions about development, from language skills to physical development. In some cases, the doctor will simply observe your child during the well child check ups to draw conclusions about his or her development. If your Glendale pediatricians notice anything abnormal they will tell you so you can work on early intervention as soon as possible.

After comparing your child’s development with that of typical healthy kids, your Glendale pediatricians will perform a physical examination of your child, looking at basic bodily functions like reflexes and temperature. The physical examinations that take place depend on the age of your child at each one of his or her well child check ups.

Glendale pediatricians may offer screenings and immunizations at well child check-ups, or set up separate appointments.

This is also a great opportunity for you to discuss issues about raising healthy kids with your Glendale pediatricians. You may wish to talk about nutrition, sleep, behavioral concerns or anything else you have noted between well child check ups. Your doctor should be happy to help answer any questions you ask!

Posted in Blog on June 30th, 2015