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Why Children Should Get Flu Shot

Controversies over immunizations and other vaccines have been raging for quite some time. You may read that you should get a flu shot on one day, only to find 25 reasons not to get a flu shot the next day. And what about your children? Should they get a flu shot?

Here is the simple answer: Yes. Here’s why.

Influenza is still a big killer. Children and the elderly seem to be most vulnerable, because often they have little in the way of immunities to fight off this most aggressive of infections. Flu symptoms in children can come on suddenly, exactly the way they do in adults. Often children can feel miserable for a considerable amount of time, too.

People will sometimes tell you that the vaccine is not very effective. It may not be 100% effective, but if your child contracts the flu, it will be a lot shorter and a lot milder than if they never had a flu shot. Many nursery schools are now mandating that every child have a flu shot, because it keeps kids from getting the flu and causing an epidemic.

Other people will tell you it’s too late in the season for your children to get a flu shot. This also isn’t true. The earlier you get the flu shot, the more your body will be immunized for it, but it’s never too late for a flu shot. The flu typically doesn’t peak until sometime in February, so make that child doctor visit in North Valley today to find out about a flu shot for your children.

Some people will tell you they got sick as a result of the flu shot. While they may experience muscle aches or a mild fever in children, kids won’t get a full-blown flu. And the symptoms are gone before you know it. In children, just like any other immunization, most kids won’t have any effects from getting the flu shot.

Then, there are people who will try to tell you as long as your kids are healthy they don’t need a flu shot. Influenza comes out of the blue and often strikes down the healthiest of people. Flu often comes with its own special bag of complications – things such as pneumonia, coughing for weeks after, and spreading the germ to everyone in their path.

Be a proactive parent and take action today. Get your kids a flu shot by calling Pediatrix now and arranging a child doctor visit in the North Valley.

Posted in Blog on March 22nd, 2016