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Why Your Kids Need a Flu Vaccine

There are many illnesses that your child will inevitably get, and one of them could be the flu. Influenza can be very dangerous in children; there are those who end up being hospitalized and even those cases which result in death.

Flu seasons vary, of course, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider getting your children vaccinated against influenza. Flu is much more intense than the common cold, and your child can take two weeks or more to recover from this particular bout of sickness.

What can you do for your children to protect them from the flu?

The best remedy you can give your child is to make sure that he/she is vaccinated each year against seasonal flu. Once school commences, it’s just a short time before all of the common illnesses will start. Colds, viruses, and other infections commonly found in classrooms or any place young children gather.

There are traditional flu vaccines, called trivalent vaccines which can protect against three flu viruses. One is influenza A, known as H1N1. Another is influenza A, known as H3N2 virus, and lastly, influenza B.

In addition to those, there are the quadrivalent vaccines, which protect against four flu viruses.

A vaccination schedule for children is something your kids are probably already on. Don’t overlook them getting the seasonal flu vaccine. The vaccine can be administered by Glendale pediatricians in either a nasal spray or by injection. Either way, it is highly effective in preventing flu in young children.

Flu symptoms in children are nothing to take lightly. Influenza is a serious infection that if left untreated, can result in developing complications or hospitalization.

It’s a good idea to look into getting your young children immunized against the flu. Children 6 months or older can receive the vaccine. It won’t make them sick or give them the flu. Along with older adults and anyone of special health risk, getting the flu vaccine is just another way you can protect your children from certain severe illnesses.

Remember, that any vaccine takes time to work, up to two weeks, in some cases. So, the earlier you consider a flu vaccine for your child, the better. You should contact your Glendale pediatricians as soon as possible.

They will answer any questions or concerns you have about the flu vaccine, and be able to give you the best recommendations as to when to bring your child in for a flu vaccine.

Posted in Blog on December 22nd, 2015