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Why Pediatricians Should Treat Your Child as an Individual

There are many things to look for when it comes time to finding a doctor for your child. Plenty of Phoenix pediatricians are available. However, you need a team you can trust to be there to help you through every illness, growth spurt, or frantic call in the middle of the night.

The right team stands out by simply treating your child as an individual. They are the primary focus, treated with care and attention to their unique needs. This is important to look for when choosing a provider.

When You Need to Find a Pediatrician Nearby

When the time comes to find pediatric doctors, what do you want in this provider? You need:

  • Pediatricians who will speak to your child and get insight and information from the child. By listening to your child, your doctor will form a solid bond with them as an individual.
  • Pediatric services that are welcoming, comfortable, and friendly.
  • Pediatric clinics in Phoenix that make your child feel right at home. This is the type of environment any medical team should have with their patients.
  • Pediatricians that make your child feel like they can open up. This is how your children’s doctor can ensure your child’s needs are always met.

Pediatric Clinics in Phoenix

At Pediatrix, we believe that when the time comes to get help, you need to have a professional you can depend on every time your child has a need, your child is unique and should always receive care based on his or her needs, not treated as just another child. Request an appointment with a pediatrician in Phoenix today. You will love the individual attention our team gives to each one of our patients.

Posted in Doctor Visits on August 6th, 2018

When to Call Your Pediatric Clinic

Many times, parents wonder if they should call their child’s doctor and debate about whether or not their child’s issue is significant enough to bring them in for care. However, your child should be brought in whenever there’s a concern or even a thought in the back of your mind that something could be wrong.

How Doctors Can Help

Pediatric clinics in Phoenix have dedicated doctors prepared to help before they even meet you. Over the phone, they can give you an idea of whether or not your child’s issue warrants a doctor’s visit and they can answer basic questions, either in person or on the phone.

If you do not feel comfortable calling your child’s doctor for care, it may be time to find a more reliable provider.

Choosing the Right Pediatric Clinic Nearby

There are many things to consider when choosing your children’s doctor. At the heart of this decision is trust. You need a team you know you can trust.

What Your Local Pediatrician Should Provide

Phoenix pediatric clinics should be able to provide you with the tools and resources to help you through every situation you face. They should offer guidance and support for tough situations.

From emergencies to questions, pediatric doctors in Phoenix are here for you. We encourage you to come in whenever you feel there is a need to do so – this is what makes you comfortable and ensures your child is always in the best hands possible.

Take a moment to consider your needs. Because not all pediatricians are the same, we encourage you to find a professional you trust completely. Pediatrix is here to meet your goals offering advanced care and one-on-one support for your child. There is never a reason not to call our team for an appointment or a consultation. Request an appointment today.


Posted in Doctor Visits on August 3rd, 2018

Preparing Your Child for a Physical

Summer has arrived, and many children will be attending camp for the upcoming months. Families tend to get caught up in all the excitement and preparation—buying insect repellent, sunscreen, etc. They sometimes forget one important activity that needs to be checked off the list in advance: physicals.

What Happens at a Physical?

At a physical, your child’s pediatrician is going to check the following:

  • height
  • weight
  • blood pressure
  • heart
  • lungs
  • stomach
  • ears
  • nose
  • throat
  • eyesight
  • strength
  • flexibility
  • reflexes

When Does Your Child Need a Physical?

Your child may need a physical if he or she is:

  • going to summer camp
  • going back to school
  • joining a sports team

Why Does Your Child need a Physical?

Your growing child needs a physical for two main reasons:

Well Being

Your pediatrician needs to see if your child is healthy enough for camp. If your child has asthma, for instance, your pediatrician can recommend how often your child should rest during activities.


Your pediatrician needs to see how your child is growing and if there are any issues with his or her development.

Preparing Your Child

Physicals might be scary for a child. Here’s how can you help.

Inform Your Child

Explain to your child exactly what’s going to happen at the physical, so they’re not left to their own imagination.

Ask Questions

Ask your child if they would like you present in the room during their physical. Encourage your child to discuss any concerns they may have with you.

Comfort Your Child

If your child would like you in the room, take the opportunity to comfort them during the appointment. Try not to speak over them if the doctor talks to them; this may make your child feel like they’re in trouble.

Need an Appointment?

Is your child heading off to camp this summer? Book a physical through Pediatrix.

Posted in Blog, Doctor Visits on June 4th, 2018

Calming Your Child for Immunizations

Needles, shots, immunizations, vaccinations, and all of the above can be scary experiences for children. Even some adults are uncomfortable with sharp metal poking through their skin. Taking your child to the doctor for immunizations can often lead to crying fits. There are ways to comfort your child before and during their shot.



Talk openly and honestly to your child about vaccinations and immunizations. Explain what they’re used for and how beneficial they are. A child is more likely to be afraid of an immunization shot if they don’t understand what’s happening. Teach your child how important immunization is and why they need it. Use language they can understand.



While your child is getting their shot, use various methods to distract them and take their focus off the pain. Try to encourage your child to not look at the needle, especially when it pierces the skin. Here are some examples of distraction methods:

  • Bring a toy with you to the doctor’s office. Allow your child to play with the toy as they’re getting their shot.
  • If you have a smartphone, show your child a funny or interesting video to capture their attention.
  • Ask your child a question about their favorite T.V. show or book. Have the child explain the answer as they get the shot. Be sure to pick something that they talk excitedly about frequently.



Try to take our child out for a small, affordable treat after the immunization. It’s important to associate positive experiences with immunizations so your child relates shots with rewards. We recommend promising your child before getting their immunization to take them out, so they have something to look forward to.

Shots are scary, but important. Does your child need immunizations or vaccinations? Contact Pediatrix and request an appointment.

Posted in Blog, Doctor Visits, Shots on May 2nd, 2018