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3 Ways to Naturally Boost Your Child’s Immune System

Flu season is upon us and many parents are wondering what their North Phoenix pediatrics doctors recommend to boost their child’s immunities. No one wants to spend the winter caring for sick kids!

Well Child Checks

First, it is important to stay on top of your well child checks, and it’s a good idea to schedule one of your well child checks in the fall with your North Phoenix pediatric doctor. Your doctor can make sure that your child is generally healthy going into flu and cold season and advise you about how to naturally boost their immunity. Here are a few common sense ways to keep your child’s immune system functioning at its best so you’ll do less caring for sick kids this winter.

Lots of Sleep

North Phoenix pediatrics doctors agree: sleep is crucial to keeping the immune system in tip top shape. Children who don’t get enough sleep are much more vulnerable to catching a virus. Studies suggest that toddlers need 12 hours of sleep plus one nap, that school-age children need 10 hours and teens need 9, but ask your North Phoenix pediatrics doctor at your next well child check what’s right for your child. If you’re caring for sick kids, getting plenty of sleep is crucial to getting better.

North Phoenix Pediatrics Doctors Agree: A Healthy Diet

Make sure that your children eat a healthy diet, especially during flu season. This means lots of fresh veggies and fruits, healthy proteins, and whole grains. A study in the Journal of Pediatrics showed that including 5-8 mg of zinc in children’s diets helped prevent infection, meaning less caring for sick kids. Foods with probiotics, like yogurt or kefir that includes active cultures, help keep the digestive system functioning at its best so you’ll do less caring for sick kids. Foods with vitamin C, like citrus, are also helpful. Ask your North Phoenix pediatrics doctor for more dietary tips at your next well child check.

Cut Out the Antibacterial Soap

Washing hands, as your North Phoenix pediatrics doctor will point out, is a primary line of defense against cold and flu viruses and essential for parents caring for sick kids. Wash hands frequently, but don’t use antibacterial soap. New studies show that children who use antibacterial soap get sick more frequently. Plain soap is just as effective in washing away viruses, and healthier. Ask your doctor during your next well child check.

Posted in Blog on October 17th, 2014