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How to Be Sure Your Child’s Summer Camp is Safe Enough

For healthy kids, summer camp might seem like an awesome stretch of fun and freedom, but as a parent, you may feel worried about the safety of your child at camp, including child care and nutrition regulations. Parents likely care more about the details of child care, nutrition, and safety at camp than their children might, but this concern is valid. There are ways to find out just how safe your child’s summer camp is, which should set your mind at ease.

Injuries and Emergency Services

Healthy kids need lots of activity and fresh air, something that most summer camps provide in great quantities! That physical activity, however, can sometimes lead to injuries, especially at camps that focus on athletics. Scrapes, bruises, and small injuries are a routine part of summer camp and should not be something healthy kids and their parents stress out about, but you should know what steps your child’s summer camp takes if and when injuries take place, both minor and in an emergency.

Policies and Staff Training

Every summer camp has policies regarding child care, nutrition, and first aid. This information should be easy to find, and will help answer questions you may have. Look for a summer camp with clearly laid out regulations, including proper staff training for health, safety, child care, and nutrition.

Does all camp staff have first aid certification? Is there easy access to North Phoenix pediatrics care in the event of an emergency? How does the camp dispense medications to campers? Make a list of every child care, nutrition, and health-related question you have, and make sure the answers are satisfactory before signing your child up for camp.

Dietary Planning

Beyond child care, nutrition is a key aspect of safety at camp. Food is not just for fuel, it can pose big risks for campers with allergies or other nutritional needs that require adjusting the standard camp diet. Make sure that your child’s camp can make accommodations so that all campers are healthy kids with good nutrition and access to healthy food.

If you are not sure where to start, ask your North Phoenix pediatrics care provider for summer camp recommendations. As someone who works with children and their parents, your North Phoenix pediatrics clinic staff likely know of a good camp, where child care, nutrition, and safety are a top priority.

Posted in Blog on May 12th, 2015

Quick Tips for Keeping Your Children Healthy Year-Round

Being exposed to lots of different people at daycare, school, and extracurricular activities provides your child with variety and interest in his or her life, but it also opens him or her up to germs and illness.

Luckily, there are ways to help keep your children healthy year round, using advice from pediatricians in Phoenix, Arizona, and proper child care and nutrition.

Eat a Balanced Diet

It can be challenging to convince your children to think about child care and nutrition but it’s more important to foster an understanding of proper, balanced eating. If your whole family works hard to focus on balanced child care and nutrition, eating healthy food, sharing meal times, and following pediatrics care recommendations for fruit and vegetable servings, you will all benefit.

A balanced diet helps keep your child healthy as he or she will be getting the right amount of nutrients, vitamins, and calories. This means fewer visits to pediatricians in Phoenix, Arizona.

If you cannot convince your child to eat well at every meal, don’t stress out — just make sure you are offering healthy food at every opportunity.

Make Physical Activity Family Fun

Pediatrics care guidelines urge physical activity for children. Your pediatricians in Phoenix, Arizona will tell you that child care and nutrition best practices include exercise and fresh air. Rather than sending your child out the door on his or her own, which is unlikely to be met with enthusiasm, put on your own running shoes and make it a fun family activity.

Get Regular Pediatrics Care

Seeing your pediatricians in Phoenix, Arizona makes sense when your child is already ill, but preventative care can also go a long way in making sure that sickness does not happen as often. Well child visits are a key part of child care and nutrition, allowing your pediatricians in Phoenix, Arizona the opportunity to examine your child and make sure his or her development and health is on track. This means health concerns are less likely to take you by surprise, if they develop at all.

Ask for Help From the Experts

Pediatrics care professionals know what illnesses are going around in your area, and what activities could benefit your child. Do not be afraid to ask your pediatricians in Phoenix, Arizona what they think might help. Their expertise and experience is valuable for you and your children.

Posted in Blog on April 14th, 2015