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What is the Safest Medication to Use for Congestion in a Toddler?

Nobody likes to have a cold, but for toddlers, congestion can be absolutely awful – for both the ill kids, and the parents who are caring for sick children!

Part of caring for sick children is knowing what the best types of medication are to deal with common issues. In the case of colds and congestion, North Phoenix preferred pediatrics clinics will not prescribe antibiotics. Usually, the best and safest remedies for congestion are things you can do right at home.


Running a humidifier in your child’s room is a great way of caring for sick children without using actual medication. This is incredibly safe, as there is no risk of medicine interactions or allergies. However, in order to ensure the utmost in safety, Glendale pediatrics practitioners suggest a cool mist humidifier rather than a steam humidifier. Humidifiers are good to use at night to help your toddler get much needed rest, despite suffering from congestion.

Adjust Sleeping Position

You can also adjust your child’s bed to keep their head a bit higher than their body. It can be difficult to keep a wiggly toddler in this position, but putting a few books under two of the legs of the bed can be enough to adjust the angle. This will help your toddler breathe better through his or her congestion.

Saline Solution

Glendale pediatrics practitioners usually recommend saline nose drops as a good way to start treating congestion. You can make your own salt water nose drops or buy pre-mixed medications like Ocean Nose Drops. This type of medication will loosen any built up mucus in your toddler’s nose, helping clear up congestion. North Phoenix preferred pediatrics clinics may also recommend Afrin Pediatric Nose Drops for brief usage to clear up congestion.

If none of these safe, easy methods of dealing with congestion work, you may need a decongestant or antihistamine mediation for your toddler. Typical over the counter cough and cold medications are not recommended for children under age four, so it is a good idea to contact your North Phoenix preferred pediatrics clinic for help.

If you find yourself confused when digging through the medicine cabinet or looking at a daunting selection of medications at the drugstore, call your Glendale pediatrics practitioner or North Phoenix preferred pediatrics clinic for assistance. As experts in caring for sick children, pediatricians usually have a list of meds that can work in your specific situation.

Posted in Blog on February 13th, 2015