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Must Have Back to School Check Ups

When you have kids, you know there’s always something going on. If it isn’t a school event, then there is an after-school happening, or a party they’ve been invited to. Weekdays are busy, and weekends seem to be filled to the brim with activities, too.

When the time comes for your little ones to be enrolled in school, you should be aware of some must-have back to school checkups. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Schedule the Checkup Before School Starts

Ensure that your child is properly registered in their school and that all health information is complete and submitted. Usually there are mandatory forms to return before the school session starts, and doctor visits, if needed, should be scheduled at this time as well.

The school will want to know any family history of diseases or illnesses. Any facts about your child’s health including broken bones, surgeries, or allergies are very important to include on health forms.

Your school will require that you are aware of their policies concerning health tips for kids. They may seem a little daunting, but every school wants to ensure your child is well cared for when they are there. If paperwork needs to be filled out and returned, then do it right away.

All immunizations will be required in order for your child to attend school. Additional things such as flu shots may also be required. You will want to schedule a doctor visit early to ensure your child is up to date on all vaccines.

Requirements During the School Year

If your child has allergies, you will want to make sure their prescription medications are deposited with the school nurse. Allergy medicine for kids should always be close by and should be something your school is well informed about.

There are most likely official permission forms for you to complete which allow school professionals to give your child medication in the event of an emergency. Make sure these are returned in time for school to start.

If your child has a chronic condition such as asthma or diabetes, there will be ongoing medication for them to take daily. These will be stored in the nurse’s office for safekeeping.

Feel Comfortable Discussing Children Health Issues with Your Doctor

Never be afraid to ask questions. If you have even the smallest concern, let your doctor know what that is. Your health questions are always welcome and will ensure that you feel better when it comes time to send your kids to school.

Posted in Blog on April 19th, 2016

How To Take Your Child Camping While Avoiding Insect Bites

There‚Äôs a lot to think about when you’re planning your very first, or your next, camping trip. Because you will be out in the wild, preparation is key to having the best time of your life. A little planning beforehand goes a long way to making your camping trip memorable.

When you take your children on their first camping trips, you want to ensure that they are safe from every risk or danger the outdoors has to offer. Here are a few health tips for kids to help you out.

Know Your Campsite

Don’t just stake your tents anywhere. Know what is around you and be particularly mindful of standing water or boggy areas. These are breeding grounds for mosquitoes and other hungry bugs.

Always keep the tent screens zipped up, and don’t leave the ‘door’ open for long, especially at night. If you do, every flying insect will follow you right in. Plan on a campsite that’s on higher ground.

Know Your Bugs

Depending on where you are camping, you’ll most likely run into different types of bugs that can annoy you. Any health questions about them should be something you’re aware of before you set out on your camping trip.

Mosquitoes are everywhere of course, but other bugs such as ticks and bees or wasps are ones to be aware of when you’re out and about. If you’re in the Southwest be aware that scorpions are frequently lurking under rocks and out of sight. Spiders are another problem, particularly in a public restroom. They love to hide in dark corners, so keep a lookout.

Use Insect Repellants

No camping trip with your kids should turn ugly. The best way to keep everyone happy is to use an effective insect repellant. There are many to choose from, but look for one with the ingredient commonly known as DEET. DEET actually disguises your smell, so bugs get confused and stay away. An effective insect repellant will keep the bugs off of you all day long.

Know Your First Aid

If you will be away from civilization for awhile, be very aware of what to do when bug bites and other minor annoyances occur. You may have wondered about the best way of how to teach first aid to children. Everyone should know basic first aid for scratches, bites and more. Start with simple first aid lessons at home so that the kids are pros with band-aids and ice packs when they are out in the wilderness.

Know where the emergency first aid stations are, too. Preparation for all circumstances will make your camping trips worry-free and memorable.

Posted in Blog on April 4th, 2016