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What to Expect from your Child’s Well Child Check Ups

Well child check ups should be a regular part of medical care for healthy kids and their families. Visiting your Glendale pediatricians routinely keep your healthy kids healthy, and gives you an opportunity to check in with Glendale pediatricians about any questions or issues you may have about illness, injury, or other medical issues. Preventative care saves you time and money and promotes healthy kids and families – there are many benefits to well child check ups!

A Schedule Based on Age

Well child check ups are set up on an age-based schedule that works with the typical development of a child. You are more likely to see your Glendale pediatricians for well child check ups during the early months and years of your child’s life, as infants have more well child check ups than older kids. As your child ages, well child check ups are spaced further apart, so otherwise healthy kids may not see their Glendale pediatricians as often as they once had. If you have questions or problems between scheduled well child check ups, call your Glendale pediatricians and set up an extra appointment.

Comparing Progress

At well child check ups, Glendale pediatricians check to make sure healthy kids are on the right track. Your Glendale pediatricians will ask questions about development, from language skills to physical development. In some cases, the doctor will simply observe your child during the well child check ups to draw conclusions about his or her development. If your Glendale pediatricians notice anything abnormal they will tell you so you can work on early intervention as soon as possible.

After comparing your child’s development with that of typical healthy kids, your Glendale pediatricians will perform a physical examination of your child, looking at basic bodily functions like reflexes and temperature. The physical examinations that take place depend on the age of your child at each one of his or her well child check ups.

Glendale pediatricians may offer screenings and immunizations at well child check-ups, or set up separate appointments.

This is also a great opportunity for you to discuss issues about raising healthy kids with your Glendale pediatricians. You may wish to talk about nutrition, sleep, behavioral concerns or anything else you have noted between well child check ups. Your doctor should be happy to help answer any questions you ask!

Posted in Blog on June 30th, 2015

Benefits of Outdoor Activities

Outdoor activity has lots to offer, helping healthy kids stay that way and encouraging valuable quality time for every member of your family. North Phoenix pediatrics professionals regularly see the benefits of outdoor activity for promoting healthy kids and healthy families. Rather than spending time inside, head outdoors and see what positive changes take place!

When healthy kids head outside they are bound to be physically active. It’s hard to sit still when you’re in the great outdoors. Even kids with physical disabilities may have more options for moving around outside, and for those whose physical disabilities restrict movement, just being in the fresh air and sunshine has positive effects. Getting outside helps healthy kids burn off their energy, leading to better sleep and an overall calming effect, something most parents are happy to see.

Social Benefits

North Phoenix pediatrics professionals have also seen social benefits for healthy kids who head outdoors. Playing outside opens children up to a bigger social circle, allowing them to meet friends and make connections with other healthy kids. Team sports and outdoor activity groups can help foster these social benefits, and there are some groups specific to children with physical disabilities. The social benefits can also extend to family members, as spending time outside together lets parents, kids, and other family members enjoy one another’s company without distractions like televisions and cell phones.

A Relationship with Nature

One of the best benefits of outdoor activities is the lifelong connection with nature that can develop. If you bring your children outside and encourage physical activity from an early age, your healthy kids will develop into healthy adults with an appreciation for all of the benefits of being outside. Helping kids see the benefits of outdoor activities at a young age makes it easier to send your kids outside on a regular basis as they grow older, because they will already know how much fun playing in the sun and fresh air can be.

If you have questions bout the benefits of outdoor activities in developing healthy kids, or are wondering how to find outdoor activities that suit your child with physical disabilities, talk to your North Phoenix pediatrics clinic for advice. There are outdoor activities that work well for any type of family, and your North Phoenix pediatrics professionals are sure to have some great suggestions for your particular situation.

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Fun and Engaging Outdoor Activities for Any Age

A lifestyle that promotes healthy kids involves outdoor activities, not just for children but for the whole family. Phoenix pediatrics professionals know just how important outdoor activities are for promoting healthy kids and healthy families. Counter childhood boredom and inactivity by bringing the whole family outside for fun and engaging time spent together.

Healthy kids belong to healthy families, meaning time outdoors should be a regular part of your family’s lifestyle. If your kids see the adults in the family enjoying fresh air and physical activity, they will be more likely to jump in and play, too.

Sports and Games

Try going back to the basics, with a family game of tag, touch football, or soccer. This will get everyone running around, letting your healthy kids burn off energy while using their muscles and getting cardiovascular exercise. This is great for the grownups, too! If you need a more structured playtime, try a scavenger hunt, birdwatching, or joining a family sport league.


Visiting a new outdoor location is a good way to get your healthy kids excited about heading outside. Beaches, parks, zoos and playgrounds all have something to offer from low-impact activities like walking and sightseeing to more exhilarating adventures, and everyone from the youngest child to the oldest adult is sure to have a good time.

Even with Disabilities

If your child or another family member has physical disabilities, you can still enjoy outdoor activities that promote healthy kids and families, but you may have to make a few adjustments. If you are visiting a park or other outdoor play area, scout the location ahead of time to make sure it is accessible for people with physical disabilities. If you find yourself stuck for ideas for outdoor activities for kids with physical disabilities, your Phoenix pediatrics care provider may be able to make recommendations for outdoor activities that are compatible with your child’s specific physical disabilities.

Phoenix pediatrics providers encourage outdoor activity of any type, so long as you follow health and safety guidelines. Make sure your whole family is protected from weather, including sun and wind, and pack water and healthy snacks to keep everyone hydrated and well-fed. A simple first aid kit may help if minor injuries are incurred outdoors – ask your Phoenix pediatrics provider what he or she recommends to bring along in a portable first aid kit.

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Ways to Get Your Child Engaged in Outdoor Activities

The great outdoors are calling, but kids aren’t necessarily going to listen. Healthy kids should have outdoor activity as a routine part of their lives, but in the age of easily accessible technology, it can be challenging to encourage your children to be engaged in outdoor activities. How can you help your healthy kids benefit from sunshine and fresh air?

Finding Something Fun

Pediatrics care providers recommend finding an outdoor activity that really drives your children to head outside on their own. If you turn going outside into a chore, according to Glendale pediatricians, it can backfire, making your children want to stay in even more. Do not threaten to take tech away, or otherwise coerce your kids into outdoor activity. Instead, think about how you can bring their favorite parts of being inside, outside.

If your child is really interested in adventure games on a phone, tablet, or computer, for example, try to find an outdoor activity that has similar features. Make up challenges for the family and get everyone outside playing. Healthy kids have healthy, active parents who go outside, too!

Relaxed and Flexible

Outdoor activities do not have to be formally scheduled or organized, and a go with the flow attitude may help bring your kids outside. Try a family trip to an interesting park, zoo, or outdoor play area, and watch your healthy kids enjoy nature on their own terms.

Reward participation in outdoor activities rather than punishing kids who stay indoors. If your healthy kids opt to play outside after dinner, try to head out with them to give the reward of family time, or bring out a special treat to enjoy outside – pediatrics care providers, of course, will recommend fruit, yogurt, or a similar healthy treat versus something less nutritious.

Talk to your kids about the benefits of going outside, from the social aspects to the ways through which outdoor exercise can help their brains, bodies, and moods. Your Glendale pediatricians can be a great resource for explaining the need for outdoor activity when raising healthy kids.

Be sure to follow pediatrics care guidelines while outdoors, including appropriate sun protection and weather-friendly clothing, adequate nutrition and hydration, and knowing what to do in the event of an injury while outdoors. Your Glendale pediatricians office can give you tips on how to make outdoor activity family friendly and safe.

Posted in Blog on June 2nd, 2015

Top Summer Safety Tips

School is out, the sun is shining – summer is fantastic for kids! Healthy kids should be able to fully enjoy everything summer has to offer, while staying safe. Phoenix pediatrics practitioners see many children in their offices for pediatrics care over the summer, for issues that could have been prevented by following safety tips. Keep your kids healthy, skip the emergency pediatrics care, and chase away the summer time blues by keeping these guidelines in mind.

Sun Safety for Healthy Kids

Sunburn can turn a great summer day into something far less fun. Healthy kids should be able to enjoy the warm weather, and exposure to sunshine can be great for vitamins and mood-boosting properties, but Phoenix pediatrics professionals caution parents to use sunscreen products and minimize time spent out in direct sunlight, especially at the hottest times of the day.

Most weather services will give you the UV index for the day, letting you know if it could be particularly challenging to keep healthy kids safe from sunburn. On days when the UV index is very high, make sure your kids have lots of access to shade and hydration, and take breaks out of the sun to avoid burns and heatstroke. A high SPF sunscreen or sunblock is the best choice for skin protection.

Even if the UV index is low, or it is cloudy outside, healthy kids need sunscreen and hats to protect them from harmful rays. If you are planning a water adventure, look for water resistant sun products. These are never completely waterproof, so make sure you reapply frequently.

Watch Out for Summer Dangers

Phoenix pediatrics clinics see otherwise healthy kids requiring pediatrics care during summer due to a variety of hazards. Water, for instance, can be treacherous to children, so make sure your kids are well supervised around any lakes, pools, or other open water.

Summer athletics are a great way to encourage healthy kids to keep moving, but can lead to sports injuries. If your child has a summer sport, that’s great, but be sure to encourage good form, lots of stretching, and hydration during physical activity.

Healthy kids may also slip into bad eating habits during the carefree summer months, but kids can’t live on ice cream alone! Fresh fruit can be refreshing on a hot day, and healthy, too. Provide balanced options for kids. And always make sure you’re drinking plenty of fluids on hot summer days.

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How to Be Sure Your Child’s Summer Camp is Safe Enough

For healthy kids, summer camp might seem like an awesome stretch of fun and freedom, but as a parent, you may feel worried about the safety of your child at camp, including child care and nutrition regulations. Parents likely care more about the details of child care, nutrition, and safety at camp than their children might, but this concern is valid. There are ways to find out just how safe your child’s summer camp is, which should set your mind at ease.

Injuries and Emergency Services

Healthy kids need lots of activity and fresh air, something that most summer camps provide in great quantities! That physical activity, however, can sometimes lead to injuries, especially at camps that focus on athletics. Scrapes, bruises, and small injuries are a routine part of summer camp and should not be something healthy kids and their parents stress out about, but you should know what steps your child’s summer camp takes if and when injuries take place, both minor and in an emergency.

Policies and Staff Training

Every summer camp has policies regarding child care, nutrition, and first aid. This information should be easy to find, and will help answer questions you may have. Look for a summer camp with clearly laid out regulations, including proper staff training for health, safety, child care, and nutrition.

Does all camp staff have first aid certification? Is there easy access to North Phoenix pediatrics care in the event of an emergency? How does the camp dispense medications to campers? Make a list of every child care, nutrition, and health-related question you have, and make sure the answers are satisfactory before signing your child up for camp.

Dietary Planning

Beyond child care, nutrition is a key aspect of safety at camp. Food is not just for fuel, it can pose big risks for campers with allergies or other nutritional needs that require adjusting the standard camp diet. Make sure that your child’s camp can make accommodations so that all campers are healthy kids with good nutrition and access to healthy food.

If you are not sure where to start, ask your North Phoenix pediatrics care provider for summer camp recommendations. As someone who works with children and their parents, your North Phoenix pediatrics clinic staff likely know of a good camp, where child care, nutrition, and safety are a top priority.

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How to Prepare Your Child for a Healthy Summer Camp Experience

Summer camp can be the adventure of a lifetime for healthy kids, but if your child gets sick at camp, or is not feeling well before he or she sets out, it can become a summer that is not fun at all. Making sure that your child is in the best health possible will help make his or her summer camp experience one to remember.

Get a Check-up and Physical

It’s important to consider your child’s health before he or she leaves for camp.  Visit your pediatricians in Phoenix, Arizona for a physical prior to camp starting, if you can, and make sure that vaccinations and any needed medications are up to date.

If your child has a specific health concern that could affect camp, like allergies or asthma, make sure the camp is aware of this, and let your pediatrics care provider know that your child is heading to camp. This allows the camp to make accommodations for your child, if needed, and gives your pediatricians in Phoenix, Arizona the chance to raise any issues or concerns with you before your child has left for camp. In some cases, your child may require special clearance from his or her pediatrics care provider in order to attend camp.

Eat, Drink, and Sleep Healthy

Healthy kids are happy kids, especially at camp, so make sure your camper-to-be knows about healthy eating, hydration, and good sleep habits before he or she leaves. Camp staff will of course help out in this regard, but your child should have a good understanding of how to stay active and eat and sleep well, even without a helping hand.

Know Who to Talk To

Find out what rules and regulations the camp has for health and safety, and let your child know any important information. Who should he or she talk to in the event of a minor injury? Is there first aid and pediatrics care on-site? Even healthy kids can have anxiety about what happens if they get sick or hurt at camp, so look for the right details to make them feel prepared.

Healthy kids may also have some trepidation or fears about camp, no matter how excited they may be. Talk to your child about homesickness and what to do if it strikes. This subject can also be addressed by pediatricians in Phoenix, Arizona at an appointment before camp.

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