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Why Antibiotics Can’t Help Sore Throats

A sore throat can be a very painful thing to have, and your children will let you know right away if they are suffering from a sore throat. There are many reasons for sore throats, and everything from allergies to viruses and bacteria may be the culprit.

Furthermore, your child may experience a sore throat as a first symptom of a cold. Your doctor will most likely not prescribe an antibiotic for your child’s sore throat. Here’s the reason why:

Most sore throats are caused by viruses, what are also what cause the common cold. Viruses cannot be treated with antibiotics in that antibiotics target bacterial infections, not viruses. However, if your child develops strep throat, your doctor will prescribe antibiotics, because strep throat is bacterial in nature.

Strep throat can be very mild to very severe. Symptoms of strep throat are fever, sore throat, red or swollen tonsils, and white patches on the tonsils. Most sore throats that your child gets with a cold are not strep related, but of you suspect strep throat, be sure to schedule a child doctor visit in North Valley immediately.

There are things to do to alleviate the pain associated with any sore throat.

  • Gargle. If your children are old enough, have them gargle with warm salt water. This will greatly alleviate the pain of swollen, inflamed throat tissue.
  • Honey. Warm tea sweetened with honey will also soothe their irritated throat. Honey is also an effective and natural cough suppressant.
  • Use a Humidifier. This should be something every child’s room has all winter long. The cool mist that is released into the air will relieve dryness and it will bring relief to stuffy noses and sore throats.
  • Eat healthy, nutritious food. Make sure your children have daily doses of yogurt, dairy products, fruits, and vegetables. Good nutrition for kids will go a long way in ensuring they stay healthy.
  • Practice frequent hand washing. This is a habit everyone should embrace for good health. Get your kids into the habit of washing their hands frequently. Let them know how important hygiene for kids is, by doing it yourself. Especially after school or events, handling toys and equipment, it’s important to wash your hands.
  • Use an antibiotic. If you suspect your child has strep throat, then make a child doctor visit to North Valley right away. Always have them finish the medicine completely, even if they start to feel better right away.

There are plenty of remedies for colds and sore throats that are over-the-counter and at your Pediatrix office. Don’t hesitate to give them a call if you are concerned about your child’s sore throat. Pediatrix doctors are available to answer and questions and do whatever is necessary to support your child’s health and well-being.

Posted in Blog on March 15th, 2016

The Season’s Offenders That Strike Babies Most

Children born in the colder months of the year can almost immediately contract a cold or other illness. As unbelievable as it seems, even tiny babies can become sick. What should you, as a new parent, be on the lookout for?

Understand that babies will come down with between six to twelve illnesses a year. From stuffy noses to colds to teething woes, it seems there’s always something waiting around the corner for your baby.

There are ways to protect your little ones right from the start. Looking out for colds and other viruses should be part of your newborn care for them. So, just what kinds of illnesses should you be looking for with a new baby?

Winter brings along its own set of sicknesses that everyone seems to fall prey to. It seems you can’t go far without running into people who are coughing and feeling sick, whether that’s at work or at home. Some of the illnesses to look out for are:

  • Colds
  • Flu
  • Ear infections
  • Croup
  • Pinkeye
  • Chicken pox
  • Measles

Because infants have not been immunized at birth, they are susceptible to such illnesses as measles and chicken pox early on. Other viruses such as colds and ear infections can be very common in little ones.

Take Action with Good Habits, Regular Doctors Visits, and Careful Attention

As children go from babies to toddlers, there are ways to help protect them from illnesses. Good hygiene for kids is something you should be practicing with them at all times. Hand washing, sterilizing toys, getting enough sleep, and eating healthily will go a long way towards fending off what everyone else seems to be catching.

There are other things to think about as well. Often a bad respiratory illness can lead to asthma. What is asthma, you might be asking? Asthma is a respiratory condition which causes difficulty in breathing and a tightness in the chest. It can be brought on by illness, stress, or allergies. One of the most recognized symptoms of asthma is wheezing, where there is a whistling sound on breathing in and breathing out.

If your child isn’t feeling well, and you don’t know what to do, call for a child doctor visit in Phoenix, AZ today. Let our Pediatrix doctors assure you that everything will be okay.

Posted in Blog on March 1st, 2016