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Healthy Habits To Teach Your Kids, And How To Teach Them

Of all the many influences in your kids’ lives, as a parent you’re still the most influential. You create and reinforce habits, like visiting the doctor or pediatrician in Phoenix, Arizona regularly and getting flu shots, from the very beginning. You reinforce habits over a long period of time via praise and attention. Any pediatrician in Phoenix, Arizona, or elsewhere, will tell you that it is extremely important to model healthy habits for your kids, especially parents with sick kids. But how do we know what healthy habits to teach them, and how to teach them?

Healthy and Active

Pediatricians in Phoenix, Arizona, and elsewhere, will tell you that one of the most important healthy habits you can teach your kids is to exercise and be physically active. It is no coincidence that childhood obesity has skyrocketed in conjunction with a decrease in kids’ physical activity. Teach kids how to play outside, enjoying our beautiful Phoenix weather, by taking them on bike rides, hikes, and kayak trips. Along with a flu shot, exercise raises immunity against seasonal illness.

Taking Responsibility For Day-to-Day Healthy Living

We can also model, and teach, taking responsibility for our own health. That may mean that parents with sick kids take their children to see their pediatrician in Phoenix, Arizona for well child checks and flu shots. It may mean just washing our hands when we arrive home, and making sure our kids do, too. Teach kids how important sleep is, especially when sick, and model this by sticking to a consistent and early bedtime.

Healthy Eating

Aside from regular visits to your Phoenix pediatrician, getting flu shots, and being active, eating a healthy diet is one of the greatest gifts of health that we can give our kids. Teach them that healthy food with many servings of fresh fruits and veggies is not only good for them but delicious, too. Particularly for parents with sick kids, teach kids to be in tune with when they are hungry and to reach for a protein filled snack to fill them up without spiking blood sugar levels. Teaching kids good, healthy habits takes time, but in the long term it’s well worth the effort you put in.

Posted in Blog on November 7th, 2014

Tips For Getting Your Child Motivated To Play Outside

The National Association for Sport and Physical Activity recommends that children get at least an hour of physical activity per day. Pediatricians in Phoenix, Arizona, and elsewhere, agree. Well child checks often result in the advice to take your kids outside for physical activity. Learning to enjoy outdoor playtime can promote good habits for a lifetime, so it makes sense that part of the advice pediatricians in Phoenix, Arizona during well child checks  is to start those habits now.

A recent study found that 49 percent of preschool age children are not getting outdoors with a parent at least once a day. Parents with sick kids may find that their children quickly get into the habit of staying indoors for more time with digital media.

Incorporate Outdoor Activity

Probably the best way you can help get your child motivated to play outside, is to go outside with them and to model how much fun outdoor activity can be. Rather than thinking of this as an additional chore to add to your list, find ways to incorporate it into activities you already do.

For example, if you walk or ride a bike to the grocery store, or to do other errands, take the kids along with you. Do you have yard work that you’ve been putting off? Wait until the kids are home from school and take everyone outside. Give them something to plant, or a hole to dig. Parents with sick kids can still put their child in the stroller for a bit of fresh air. Take walks regularly or find a local playground to visit. Make weekend adventures outdoor adventures. Remember that your attitude will largely dictate the attitude your children have towards being outside.

Older Kids Love the Independence

In the Phoenix area we’re lucky to have sunshine and beautiful weather all year. This means that it’s easier to let children play outside. Older children may be motivated by the independence that the outdoors offers. For example, riding a bike alone around the block, or skateboarding to a friend’s house can be great motivation for older children. Make sure that they always wear protective gear and are aware not to talk to strangers. Parents with sick kids can motivate their children to rest now so they have energy for all the outdoor fun they’ll have later. Ask your pediatricians in Phoenix, Arizona, for other tips next time you’re in for a well child check.

Posted in Blog on October 10th, 2014