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3 of the Most Common Childhood Illnesses And How To Prevent Them

There are a reasons why children seem to get sick more often than healthy adults, and it’s one motivation for parents to stay on top of well child checks and school shots. One reason kids become ill is the fact that they are in direct contact with other kids more often, and share germs easily. Another reason, in getting sick, children’s immune systems develop antibodies to various diseases to help ward off future attacks of illness. That said, there are a few preventative measures parents can take to deal with the most common of childhood illnesses.

1. The Common Cold or Flu

Every child catches a cold or the flu at some point. These viruses cause fevers, coughing, aches and pains, sore throats and headaches. Have kids wash their hands often and avoid contact with ill people as much as possible. Teach your kids not to put their fingers in their mouth and not to share foods with other children. Ad fewditionally, you can make sure that your children get plenty of sleep, eat healthy food, and drink lots of fluids. Take them to their well child checks. Your Phoenix pediatrics doctor may recommend the flu shot as a preventive measure.

2. Ear Infections

Almost all children have an infection in the middle ear by the time they are 5. Although not contagious, ear infections are often the result of a cold. Have your child wash their hands frequently and avoid sick people in order to avoid catching colds. Avoid exposing children to cigarette smoke and don’t let them drink from a bottle while they’re lying down. If ear infection persists, see your Phoenix pediatrics provider. Ask about other ways to prevent frequent ear infections at your next well child check.

3. Pink Eye

Pink eye, or conjunctivitis, is an irritation of the eye and lining of the eyelid, and is extremely contagious. Don’t take your child to their well child check if they have pink eye. There is no vaccine or school shot against it. Symptoms may include burning, redness, itching, tearing and discharge from the eye. Have your child wash their hands frequently. If someone in your home has pink eye, wash everything they’ve touched in hot water with detergent to stop it from spreading. If pinkeye doesn’t clear up on its own, take your child to your Phoenix pediatrics for antibiotic treatment.

Posted in Blog on December 19th, 2014