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Old Enough for Contacts?

August is approaching and if you have a pre-teen or teenager who wears glasses, there’s a chance they’re talking to you about contacts before school starts. Plenty of people wear contacts, but if you’re a parent, you rightfully asking yourself, “Is my child old enough to wear contact lenses?”

There isn’t an exact age children are allowed to start wearing contacts. However, parents need to consider how responsible their child is when considering contacts.

Contact Care

When your child began wearing glasses, you presumably had a talk with them about taking care of them. You talked about cleaning glasses, placing them safely in a case when playing, taking them off while they swim, etc. Contacts require care as well.


It’s quite easy to clean glasses. All you need is glasses cleaning spray or drops and a microfiber cloth. Contacts, on the other hand, must be kept in a small case of solution when they’re not being worn or risk drying up. It’s also important to replace the solution after every use.

Washing Your Hands

You MUST wash your hands before putting on contacts or risk germs and dirt touching your eyes. If you decide to dry your hands with a cloth or towel, there’s a chance the fibers on your fingers will irritate your eyes when putting on or taking off your contacts.

When to Take Them Off

Contacts CANNOT be worn while you sleep. They’ll stick to your eyes and be very difficult to take off later. It’s also recommended that they aren’t worn in the shower as fresh water can contain bacteria. Swimming in contacts can result in eye infections and irritation.

Nails and Makeup

Something even adults don’t consider when they begin wearing contacts is how difficult it is to take them off with long nails, which can scratch your eyes. It’s also recommended that you put on contacts BEFORE putting on or taking off makeup.

Replacing Them

Unlike glasses, contacts need to be replaced regularly. Wearing worn-out, old contacts can irritate your eyes.

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Posted in Vision on July 23rd, 2018