A newborn infant, also known as a neonate, refers to a child who is less than 28 days old. Newborns are most vulnerable to death and infections during this period because their immunity and body systems are not fully developed yet. As a result of the delicate nature of newborns, parents liaise greatly with specialized newborn care physicians, who are also known as neonatologists, to ensure that the newborn is protected as much as possible. A neonatologist is a medical professional who specializes in caring for newborns. Here are three interesting facts about neonatologists:


They Handle Prenatal Consultations and Premature Deliveries

When a baby is expected to spend time in the neonatal intensive care unit due to premature birth or another risk factor, newborn care physicians will speak with the parents to explain the situation, provide them with information about the care their newborn will receive, and answer any concerns they may have. This allows the newborn care physicians to start working on treatment strategies for the baby. These treatment strategies could include respiration therapy since newborns could display difficulty with breathing because of their underdeveloped lungs. High-risk births are also handled by neonatologists to ensure that the baby is born in the best possible conditions. Because the first few moments after a baby’s birth are crucial to their survival, neonatologists are able to start treating them straight away.


Neonatologists Understand Newborn Infections and Diseases

Newborn physicians understand that they are dealing with delicate babies, not small adults. When compared to adults, newborns will display very different symptoms. Newborn care physicians have a far better understanding of the symptoms than doctors specializing in adults. Furthermore, because newborns require different therapy than adults, they receive specialized training in order to treat them.


They Focus on Preventative Care

While certain disciplines of pediatrics specialize in emergency treatment, the bulk of neonatologists focus on prevention. Neonatologists have played a key role in the eradication of a variety of illnesses, particularly those that have afflicted newborns. Colic, ear infections, colds, and the flu are examples of newborn infections that newborn care physicians try to prevent or cure.


All neonatologists are physicians who have completed medical school as well as a thorough pediatric residency. They then finished a fellowship program, which is a three-year neonatal training program. Newborn care physicians or neonatologists are unique in many ways and are one of the best resources for protecting vulnerable newborns. Contact us today to learn more.