Constipation in babies is often misunderstood and there are many misconceptions parents still believe. With a better handle on toddler constipation, you can take better care of your child.

It’s Not a Big Deal

A lot of parents mistakenly believe bellyaches in babies or toddlers isn’t anything serious. If your child suffers from constipation constantly or it gets to the point that it becomes chronic, get them to a doctor right away.

Fruits and Veggies Fix Everything

In some cases, your child’s diet can be the problem and providing your baby with balanced meals can make bowel movements easier. However, that’s not always the case. Make an appointment with a pediatrician in Phoenix to know what’s causing the problem. Early treatment can prevent digestive problems that could result in health conditions in the long term.

You’ll Know When Your Child is Constipated

A lot of parents seem to believe they’ll know it when their child gets constipated. However, many parents fail to recognize the signs of chronic constipation issues for their toddler. For instance, if your child is bedwetting, that could be a sign of chronic constipation problems. It’s always best to see a children’s doctor in Phoenix.

Pooping Daily Means Everything’s Okay

It’s not. Parents sometimes think that kids who poop every day can’t be constipated at all. But the size and consistency of the fecal matter are as important as the frequency. With well child checkups, your pediatrician will catch any signs they might be suffering from constipation that you could’ve missed.

Steer clear of these misconceptions and know more when you talk to a pediatrician. For further helpful information on toddler constipation, contact Pediatrix and make an appointment today.