Nutritional Value of Vitamins in Premature Infants

Pre-mature babies need all the help they can get. To ensure a premature baby’s development, an experienced children’s doctor in Phoenix may advise you to give your baby vitamins.

How it Helps Your Baby

Studies show that several vitamins can aid in the full-term development of pre-term infants. When vitamins like vitamin D and calcium are added to the baby’s diet, it can provide for the child’s bone mineral requirements. Preterm infants also tend to weigh less than full-term babies. This puts them at risk of developing conditions such as rickets. Adding calcium and phosphorus to the baby’s diet can lower those risks. A baby with multiple medical problems benefit from the vitamins as well as it helps the infant reach a safe body weight.

Which Vitamins Do I Need?

Before you add anything to your baby’s diet, talk to his doctor. If you don’t have one yet, then start looking for a pediatrician with enough training and experience in newborn care in Phoenix. After consulting with an expert, you’ll know what vitamins will provide for your baby’s nutritional needs the most.

How Do I Choose a Doctor?

When you look for a pediatrician, credentials, and qualifications should be the first considerations on your list. After that, observe the way the doctor treats you and your baby. Do you feel like your pediatrician is trying to rush you out the door every time you’re in for a checkup? Does your doctor dismiss your fears or worries? When you have questions about your newborn—and those questions are bound to be plenty—does s/he answer them patiently? These are important factors when you pick a doctor for your newborn.

What Do I Look for?

If there are signs that your doctor doesn’t care about your baby’s health, if s/he doesn’t respect your beliefs or if s/he doesn’t assess your baby’s physical condition and just blindly hands you a prescription, then those are signs that you’re better off looking for a different doctor.

How Do I Find One?

Research your options and look for local healthcare facilities. Check the doctors on staff. An easy way to find a pediatrician you can trust is to get referrals from neighbors, friends, and other contacts in the community who may be able to provide you with leads or names.


Make sure your pre-term baby gets all the nutrients and vitamins she needs. Talk to a children’s doctor in Phoenix when you call Pediatrix and make an appointment.

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